Free Networking Event for Stage Managers!

May 6, 2021
Rica Wolken

About this event

TPS and Cornish are hosting a free virtual networking event for stage managers and prospective stage managers to connect to production managers from the Puget Sound region! Registration includes admission to a virtual hour long resume workshop at 2pm on May17th. Click here to register!

Participating Theatre Organizations:

  • 18th & Union
  • 5th Avenue Theatre
  • ACT Theatre
  • Acts On Stage Theatre
  • Book-It Theatre
  • Brown Soul Productions
  • Dacha Theatre
  • Intiman Theatre
  • MAP Theatre
  • Pork-Filed Productions
  • Reboot Theatre
  • Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society
  • Seattle Public Theatre
  • Seattle Reparatory Theatre
  • Showtunes Theatre Company
  • Theatre22
  • Twelfth Night Productions
  • Village Theatre
  • Village Theatre KidStage
  • Washington Ensemble Theatre

TPS works to foster and advocate for a robust and equitable theatre community and any donation amount will go towards future programming that works towards that goal.

What should I expect when I attend?

This is a 2 hour virtual networking event that will take place on Zoom. Speed dating with production managers has returned! Each participant will be placed in a break out room with a production manager or other theatre staff member to network for 5 minutes. Theatres range from Equity to fringe, each theatre has different hiring needs. Though you may not fit with each theatre, it’s still fun to talk to theatre folk.

Who is encouraged to participate?

Anyone who is interested in Stage Management, regardless of experience or union affiliation, is encouraged to participate. The theatre organizations who will be there range from small to large, and fringe to professional. The only other requirement is that you are interested in working or being located in the Puget Sound area.

Do I need a resume?

Participants are not required to submit a resume, though we will ask you for your resume to distribute electronically to the participating theatres. One week prior to the event we will be hosting a free 1 hour resume workshop run by stage managers for those who need advice and direction on creating or updating their resume. If you don’t have access to the tools of making a resume please reach out to tpsboard@tpsonline.org so we can assist you. If creating a resume would be a barrier to you attending, please know that it is not required, and this is the perfect event for someone with little/no experience to start to learn about the profession.

I don’t have an internet connection/private place to attend/device to attend this event on, or I have other accessibility issues.

TPS has the resources to help you figure out any barrier you have to joining us in this event. We will be following up with all attendees about their accessibility needs. If you have a specific question or concern that you would like addressed right now, please email TPSboard@tpsonline.org. We want you there!