Our History

We Serve the Puget Sound

Through the past 27 years, Theatre Puget Sound has evolved and grown, surviving and growing stronger in the ever-changing performing arts industry landscape. From its inception in 1997 as a way for local theatre organizations to advocate for their causes to the fully produced and wide spread annual events and festivals we now consider bedrock, Theatre Puget Sound has and will continue to support and serve the performing arts community in our area.

Use our interactive slider below to see some of the milepost markers of the past 27 years. We will continue to add to this and to the legacy of Theatre Puget Sound.

TPS Founding
Theatre Puget Sound (TPS) is a leadership and service organization founded in 1997 to advocate for the region’s growing theatre community’s causes and administer much-needed services.
Inaugural Sustained Achievement Award
Celebrating a member of our community who has made exceptional and special contributions to our performing arts community. Later named the “Gregory A. Falls Sustained Achievement Award”.
Directory of Local Theatre Organizations
TPS begins a public resource director of local area theatre organizations and a theatre maker list server for wide spread communication throughout the community.
Inaugural Unified General Auditions
The first regional organized general auditions are launched in Seattle.
TPS begins partnership with Bumbershoot Festival
Allowing theatres that normally play to audiences of 20 or less to introduce themselves to hundreds of new potential ticket buyers.
TPS takes over the Fringe Festival
TPS produces Theatre4Play Festival
Seven local theatre companies presented four days of performances showcasing the work of Seattle’s small theatres and individual artists. (TCG - when did it start and how did TPS play a role?)
TPS Produces Live Theatre Week
Including a “Free night of Theatre” this event was co-produced with Theatre Communications Group (TCG).
Expansion of Sustained Achievement Award into The Gregory Awards
Adding 6 additional categories to this annual event, becoming the regions recognized ceremony for outstanding contributions and work in the performing arts.
Inaugural ARTS CRUSH event
A festival that grew out of TPS’s highly successful Live Theatre Week (LTW) program. ARTS CRUSH reaches people in unique ways; through hands-on participation, once-a-year glimpses behind the scenes, and surprise arts experiences in unexpected places. In addition, ARTS CRUSH extends an open invitation to sample the abundance of arts and culture in our region by adopting creative pay-what-you will or discounted fee structures for traditional arts experiences.