Audition – WITHIN A SHOW – a new ensemble comedy by David “Gordon” Gordon

Expires: July 31, 2024

About the Project

Within A Show is a show-within-a-show about shows-within-the-show, sitting at the intersection of Noises Off and Inception, traipsing wildly through genres, styles, and layers of reality.

A shoestring theater company struggles through rehearsals for a stale Victorian "comedy,” but botched lines and bungled stage fights are the least of their worries when the actors playing the actors start to go off-script, and the Punch & Judy puppets get ideas of their own. There’s no telling where the show (within the show) will end when reality itself is crumbling around them.

An original full-length comedy by David “Gordon” Gordon. Directed by Sam Holsworth, Music Direction by Wendy Martinez-McKee.

- First Read: August 11, 10am-3pm
- Rehearsals: August 11 - October 3. Sundays 10a-3p and Mon-Thu 6:30-9:30pm, primarily at TPS at the Seattle Center Armory and ComedySportz in Fremont. No rehearsal September 1-2.
- Tech: October 6, 10 am-10 pm
- Dress: October 7-9, 2024, 6-10pm.
- Preview: October10
- Performances: October 11-13
- Tech and shows at TPS Theater 4 at the Seattle Center Armory

Notes on casting:
Within A Show is an ensemble piece, with most actors on stage for most of the show. Each actor plays multiple roles as the script moves between layers of reality. See character descriptions for breakdown of role tracks.

All actors must be 18 or older. All roles are open to performers of any race or gender. We strongly encourage performers with an enthusiasm for physical comedy to audition.

The show is not a musical, but there is music in it. The actors cast as Charlie, Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot will need to sing. For Charlie and Foxtrot, enthusiasm, projecting, and staying in tune are sufficient; Echo and Delta should have some level of musical theater training/technique.

Submission Instructions

To book an audition time, please email with the following:
- Headshot and resume (be sure to include any music, movement, or puppeteering experience)
- Desired role(s)
- Preferred 1 hr time slot(s) from the following options:
July 23 (6:30-7:30p, 7:30-8:30p, 8:30-9:30p) July 24 (6:30-7:30p, 7:30-8:30p, 8:30-9:30p).

We will respond with emailed confirmation of your audition time and location, and provide sides. If you are unable to attend either of the in-person audition days but are interested in being seen for a role, please email to arrange a video call audition or self-tape with sides.

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Audition Requirements

Auditions will be scheduled in blocks of 1 hour; please plan to stay for the full hour you are scheduled. Actors should be prepared to read dialogue sides in groups (or with a reader), play simple movement and improv games, and perform singing exercises. Please wear shoes and clothing you can move freely in. Masks are welcomed but not required.

Sides or Script Location

Email to request sides.


Contact: Sam Holsworth
Phone: Call Now

Pay Details

Pay Rate: Volunteer stipends (noted in character breakdown) are scaled to align with the time commitment expected for each role.
Pay Type: Stipend
Audition Type: Theatre


Locality: Local to Seattle
Location: Theatre Puget Sound - Seattle Center Armory. July 23rd - 1st floor Conference Room. July 24th - 4th floor Studio D
, WA

Character Breakdown

Singing range: E4-C5. Plays multiple characters: VICK (Victorian street performer, good Cockney accent), JEAN (a True Artist, committed and passionate), CHARLIE (friendly, nurturing, grade-school teacher type). Volunteer stipend: $400.
Singing range: G3-F5, musical theater style, can belt. Plays multiple roles: MICK (Victorian street performer, passable Cockney accent), CORY (grounded team player, the voice of reason), DELTA (THE MOST EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING!) Volunteer stipend: $400.
Singing range: G3-Ab5, musical theater style. Plays multiple roles: NICK (Victorian street performer, bad Cockney accent), DEBORAH (unflappably upbeat), ECHO (strictly business, a stickler for structure and rules). Volunteer stipend: $300.
Singing range: A3-E5. Plays multiple roles: BERNIE (long-suffering cat-herder), FOXTROT (bookish, timid intellectual). Volunteer stipend: $400.
Puppet Master
Non-singing role. Plays multiple roles: THE REAL HOLLYWOOD (poised, confident, oozing gravitas) and PUPPETEER (performs with hand puppets as: Punch, Judy, Toby, Hamlet, Player, Theseus, Philostrate, Pyramus, Jaques). Must be physically capable of performing within a traditional puppet stage (extended periods standing or seated on stool with raised arms, etc.) Volunteer stipend: $300.
Non-singing role. Plays the Stage Manager. Like a universal constant (and like all stage managers), Toby is calmly and quietly omnipresent; a reliable source of kindness, discipline, Band Aids, and line calls. Volunteer stipend: $300.
Non-singing role. Minimal rehearsal commitment; walk-on role with ~20 lines of dialogue. An auteur director, constantly surrounded by idiots. Volunteer stipend: $50.