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About the Project

CASSANDRA is an original chamber musical comprised of a story by Kelly McMahon, a book by Anthea Carns, and the songs of Patti Smith.

Sunday, August 18 at The Vera Project, Seattle Center

Synopsis: After centuries of having men write about her - and put words in her mouth - Cassandra is given the opportunity to tell her own story. Invited by The Three Fates, she relives and reflects upon her life, her prophecies, and the relationships she has with the three important women in her life – her mother (Hecuba), her avenger (Athena), and her murderer (Clytemnestra). Most powerfully, she considers a question we all can find resonant: if you know your actions can’t or won’t change things, why do you bother?

Submission Instructions

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You will be asked to submit a video containing one contemporary monologue of no more than 90 seconds in length and verse and chorus of a rock/pop song, one of the following Patti Smith songs preferred: Dancing Barefoot; People Have The Power; Because the Night (use of karaoke/backing tracks OK).

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Pay Details

Pay Rate: $250-400
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Audition Type: Theatre


Locality: Local to Puget Sound
Location: Virtual Audition/Callback

Character Breakdown

Princess of Troy and cursed prophetess. A woman who perseveres in the face of disbelief and trauma. She is vulnerable but not fragile. She and Apollo were in love, but she chose to try to save her people, even after he told her the prophecies would be distorted if they were heard outside his realm. ***Powerful Rock Lead** Three solo songs; one possible duet (or solo); two songs with the whole cast.
Clotho - The eldest of the Fates, who spins the thread of life. Maternal — for better or for worse. Doubles with Hecuba - The queen of Troy, mother of Cassandra. She loves her children but is stymied by how to deal with Cassandra. One solo song; one song with other two Fates; finale song.
Lachesis - The middle sister of the Fates, who measures the thread of life. Practical, perhaps slightly arrogant. Doubles with Athena - The goddess of both wisdom and war, who supported the Greeks in the Trojan War. Absolutely black and white view of the world. One solo song; one song with other two Fates; finale song.
Atropos - The youngest of the Fates, who cuts the thread of life. Not cruel, but blunt. Doubles with Clytemnestra - The queen of Sparta, unwilling wife of Agamemnon. Not evil, just ruthless; any empathy she had has been mostly burned out of her by her own traumas. One solo song; one song with other two Fates; finale song.
A cameo within this chamber musical. First, he will be seen in a movement-based reenactment of their first meeting. Later, he will duet with Cassandra during a scene where she is reflecting on their relationship. He then appears at the finale of the story, unexpectedly.