Update #1

After a busy weekend of gathering feedback, making tweaks, and fixing various issues our members have found, we are moving forward! We will continue to work on the site over the coming weeks!


Known Issues

This section will be updated as we confirm issues reported to us. If you see your issue on this list, only submit a ticket if we request you do so below.
Member Cards

Downloading member cards is currently disabled.

Past Orders

We are gradually migrating order data from the previous site, so order histories are currently unavailable. If you need details from a previous order, please submit a ticket.

Incorrect Order Totals

Some current order totals may be incorrect. We have accurate records for all orders placed with TPS and will be gradually updating the site to reflect accurate information.

Code of Conduct

Code of conduct signatures are not being collected, yet. This feature will be enabled soon!

Community Toolkit

We are still working on gathering resources for this area of the site. Files uploaded by organizations submitting resources are not automatically configured to be downloadable, requiring admins to configure.

Member Directory

Legacy fields cannot be used for filters, so the directory filters will not have many options or results until members start updating their profiles.


We are gradually optimizing the site as we confirm features are working as intended. If you encounter particularly slow performance or something not loading correctly, please submit a ticket so we can investigate.

Find a new issue?

Submit a ticket and we'll look into it!

Update 1: Monday July 1, 2024





TPS Website Public Beta: Thursday June 27, 2024

Initial Launch