2023 Gregory Awards + Gala

Dining Experience

Price Range: $$$
The Gregory Awards + Gala on the eve of October 23rd 2023, at Fisher Pavilion on the Seattle Center Campus! A Gala-style event including the awarding of several Gregory A. Falls Sustained Achievement Awards while we raise funds to bring the Gregories back full-scale, new & improved for 2024. Pre-show red carpet event, VIP reception, Live entertainment from TPS Members and Member Organizations, Gregory Awards (including a few new and non-traditional categories), and more! Please join us to celebrate all that our performing arts community has been able to accomplish through these challenging times at this not-quite-traditional gala.  "**2024 Gregory Awards: Our goal is to restart the auditing process to cover a full season of shows beginning October 2023 - September 2024 for the 2024 Gregory Awards.” Buy your tickets here: https://theatrepugetsound.betterworld.org/events/gregory-awards-gala


Seattle Center

Date and time

Monday / Oct 23, 06:00 PM to Tuesday / Oct 24, 12:00 AM

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Our sponsors

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