A Pond as Deep as Hell


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A Pond as Deep as Hell What makes Measure for Measure a problem play? In the modern context of a Problem Play specifically regarding Shakespeare, this means the play is tonally inconsistent or ambiguous. In the context of the original coining of Shakespearean Problem Play by F. S. Boas, this term instead refers to a play that addresses a social or moral quandary that is not resolved, leaving us without a concrete sense of comic or tragic ending. It is not a play that is a problem. It is a play about a problem. Social circumstances have changed drastically in many ways since 1604, but there is still a social problem at the heart of Measure for Measure that is incredibly relevant. Our adaptation has focused on this element of the play, recentering the narrative to now follow Isabels navigation of a problem that feels modern. Instead of being surprisingly modern however, perhaps the issue at the heart of the play is rather tragically timeless. A Pond as Deep as Hell is not intended to be a more realistic version of Measure for Measure. Rather, it is something akin to a justice fantasy retelling in which the villain is held accountable for his actions and the victims receive recompense. We have strengthened all of the female characters, giving them more text and stage time to aid in telling this story of the womens journeys. The purpose of A Pond as Deep as Hell is to provide, for its femme-identifying audience, a catharsis in seeing these women band together and take down a man who seemingly holds all the cards; and for its male-identifying audience, an opportunity to question and reconsider what we do or dont view as abusive behaviors and help reframe the way many men identify violence against women. For content disclosures email us at shaxberdtheatre@gmail.com.

Center Theatre at the Armory, 305 Harrison St, Seattle, Washington

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