Cry It Out - Sensory-Friendly


Price Range: $0-10
This is a Sensory-Friendly performance optimized for neurodivergent community members. This show contains mature content. Successful lawyer Jessie trades in her tailored suit and New York City apartment for yoga pants covered in breast milk and a duplex in the suburbs. Her new neighbor, Lina, a Long Island native who works in an entry level position and has terrible credit, comes from a vastly different economic background. Nonetheless, they have one huge thing in common: they’ve been cracked open by the love they feel for their newborns. But their intimacy is punctured when a stranger who lives in the mansion up on the cliff appears in the yard and asks if they would include his wife, a new mom who is having “a hard time,” in their coffee klatch. Cry It Out is a reflection of the direct influence that social dynamics, family support systems, and class have on parenthood. This dark comedy explores what the reality of shifting into parenthood means and the impossible nuances that one must face head on, without the luxury of hindsight or a full night’s sleep. Written by Molly Smith Metzler, directed by Zandi Carlson. Location: Rolling Bay Hall (10598 NE Valley Rd, Bainbridge Island) Tickets free (reservations required)

Bainbridge Island

Rolling Bay Hall (10598 NE Valley Rd, Bainbridge Island)

Date and time

Thursday / Nov 09

07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

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