Embodying Presence as a Performer


Price Range: $60+
Can you relate to any of these statements: • Despite all my training and experience, I often feel that what I bring to an audition or performance is mediocre and inauthentic. • I feel like everyone else in the room is a level or two above me and my confidence goes flying out the window. • I used to be able to get the roles and gigs and seem to be in a dry spell and wonder where my talent has gone. If you relate, you may have an illusory abundance limit getting in the way of what you desire as an artist. Doubt and lack of confidence begin to take over causing you to react based on past conditioning to fear rather than what you know in your heart is true. Fear and limiting beliefs take over and stifle your ability to attract what you desire and you become the BEST VERSION OF YOU AS A PERFORMER. An illusory abundance limit will look like one or more of these: • Negative thinking and speaking creep in. • The emotional pain-body will be activated. • Physical pain may stop you from moving forward. • Difficulty in focusing on your intentions and goals. • Situations will arise around you that cause you to shift energy and attention. • Other people may say, “That is not possible”, or “You can’t do that.” Join me for Embodying Presence as a Performer 5-week series beginning Wednesday April 26. This 4-week series was born out of my work as a teacher of The Art of Feminine© /Masculine™ Presence and my training as a performer, director, coach, and teacher. At the end of this series, you will have gained practical tools to enhance your performance experience and training so that you can feel like you are at your best most authentic, magnetic, and confident version of yourself at auditions, interviews, and when performing. A side effect may be increased visibility and jobs which will increase your income.


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Date and time

Wednesday / Apr 26, 06:00 PM to Wednesday / May 17, 09:00 PM

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