Monologues of n Women

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Price Range: $20-29
Monologues of n Women is an independently produced devised theatre reflecting the realities of modern Chinese women. We created the show based on social news and personal experiences and will present it with projections, music, movements, dance, and poetry. Six months ago, the news of the chained woman broke out. She was trafficked, sold to an abusive man in the village called Fengxian and forced to give birth to 8 - possibly more - children. The news spread like wild fire in China but we still don’t know the identity or even the trace of her. Her voices were taken. Her name was censored. Outraged by the news, the cast and crew of Monologues of n Women came together, aiming to amplify her voice and also express all the visible and invisible chains imposed on every woman’s life, no matter the nationality. Our show consists of eight stories, each detailing an aspect of the struggles that women face. We touched on body image, employment discrimination, virginity and objectification, sexual assault, and discuss how women can find hope in themselves and each other. English supertitles will be provided for the entire length of the show. CW: Sexual Violence, Flashing Lights Show Dates: 9/16 7:30pm 9/17 7:30pm 9/18 2:00pm; 7:30pm 9/23 7:30pm 9/24 7:30pm 9/25 2:00pm; 7:30pm Tickets are $25 for the general public and $15 for students. The production will be in Chinese with English supertitles You can purchase tickets at For more information, visit our website at Also, follow our instagram for updates about our show!



Date and time

Friday / Sep 16, 07:30 PM to Sunday / Sep 25, 07:30 PM

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