Strong Waters


Two senior actors reunite after years of Separation. A tale of loss and love and family, Strong Waters runs about 90 minutes without intermission. Evelyn Adair (’70s) brings the richly lived experiences of an actress who has survived it all: opportunities seized and missed. Her commitment to life is a challenge to embrace what matters most. James Merritt (late ‘70s) and his son Jeffrey (late ‘40s) have settled into a domestic arrangement that proves unstable when strong waters are imbibed. Starring: Gordon Coffey as JAMES – Maureen Hawkins as EVELYN – Bob De Dea as JEFFREY Strong Waters is an Equity Member Project presented in association with Theater for Grown-Ups and Global Works.

12th Avenue Arts Studio Theater

Date and time

Saturday / Jan 13, 07:30 PM to Sunday / Feb 04, 03:45 PM

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