UNSTOPPABLE: A Queer Dancical


Price Range: $0-10, $30-39, $50-59, $$$
WORLD PREMIERE! Conceived as both a play and a dance show, "UNSTOPPABLE: A Queer Dancical" is an unapologetic ode to the power and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community. The story follows Nikki and Keith, best friends who move from a small town to the city, as they experience the community's response to a hate crime incident. Expect love stories, political drama, vibrant characters, and 20+ rousing dance numbers set to familiar pop hits. Pioneering a new format that speaks to fans of musicals, dance shows, and traditional plays, "UNSTOPPABLE: A Queer Dancical" is an emotional journey that aims to inspire hope and unity in all of us. CONTENT WARNING: This show contains themes of homophobia/transphobia, strong language, intense moments, and dramatization of gun violence. It is not suitable for young children or unaccompanied younger adolescents.

Capitol Hill

Broadway Performance Hall

Date and time

Friday / Mar 01, 12:00 AM to Sunday / Mar 03, 12:00 AM

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