Become a Gregory Award Nominator and More!

Members of the Puget Sound performing arts community and Theatre Puget Sound are encouraged to review the Nominator Handbook and determine whether or not they are interested in becoming a nominator each season.

What does being a Nominator require?

  1. Review the Nominator Handbook to determine if you can commit to the role of Nominator for the full season.
  2. Submit your application for consideration
  3. Upon selection, Nominators will use our online system to receive their assigned shows
  4. Most Nominators will be asked to attend between 15-20 shows in a season. 
  5. Once a Nominator is assigned a show, they will receive a notification email and they then communicate with the performing arts organization’s box office to secure their tickets.
  6. Once they have seen the show Nominators return to our online nominating platform to submit their nominations in the appropriate categories.

If you are interested in becoming a nominator, it all starts with the 2024 Gregory Awards Nominator Interest Form. Fill out that application and if you meet the criteria, you will receive an email inviting you to the platform where you will be asked to apply/register.

Once approved you will get an additional notification confirming your acceptance and asking you to LogIn the platform to view assignments. From that point forward you will begin receiving assignments and will officially be an active Gregory Awards Nominator.

Are you a current nominator looking for info on how to use the nominating system?

TeenVoice Nominators

As a TeenVoice nominator of the Gregory Awards you have the exciting opportunity to add your unique voice and perspective to this year’s nominations and ultimately this year’s awards.

Quick Facts about the TeenVoice Nominator program:

  • TeenTix and TPS have partnered to create the TeenVoice in the Gregory Award annual nominating process. Each TeenVoice Nominator will receive (2) FREE tickets to up to 5 shows per season. Those shows will be randomly assigned to each member of a region.
  • TeenVoice Regions will consist of 4-8 teen nominators (North, South, East, West, Central). The number of nominators selected for a TeenVoice region will depend on the number of entries of shows in a region.
  • Each of the TeenVoice Nominators in a region will be responsible for seeing a maximum of 5 shows per season. Assigned shows will be local to their region. TeenVoice Nominators are welcome to volunteer to see more shows but that may be subject to ticket availability.
  • TeenVoice Nominators will apply to be considered and if selected will be responsible for interacting with the Gregory Awards Platform in the same way that all Nominators are expected to participate.
  • TeenVoice nominations will not be weighted more heavily or less heavily than other nominations.
  • TeenVoice Nominators are allowed to abstain from an assigned production for the following reasons; A conflict of interest with the producing company or show, A conflict with the content involved in the show, A conflict of scheduling.
  • It is in the TeenVoice Nominator’s best interest to make all attempts to see the shows that they are assigned. Consideration for following year’s positions as a nominator may be weighed on the previous attendance rate of a Nominator.
  • TeenVoice Nominators will pay a $5 fee to become a nominator of the Gregory Awards. This fee serves as their membership dues payment toward a full individual membership with Theatre Puget Sound. That membership includes a full professional profile, access to member specific discounts and benefits and inclusion in our searchable directory. For more information on the individual member benefits at TPS please see our website.
  • TeenVoice Nominators must register (for free) with TeenTix.  It’s free and easy to sign up here!

Your voice and participation in this program is more important than ever. The future of performing arts is bright and beautiful, and we know that your voice is valuable in creating that future. If you have any questions please feel free to email We will get back in touch with you as soon as we can.

Applications are currently closed. Applications for the 2024-2025 season will open soon.