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Enter your performing arts production to be considered for a Gregory Award. TPS Star Member organizations are welcomed and encouraged to submit their productions for consideration in 34 unique categories. Theatre Puget Sound produces this annual event as an opportunity for our community to come together to celebrate the performing arts in our region. By submitting your work you allow our nominators and our membership base to celebrate your outstanding achievements and raise the visibility of the local performing arts community as a whole. Familiarize yourself with the full participating organization handbook.

How to be Considered

First of all, make sure that your organization’s Theatre Puget Sound Star Organization Membership is up-to-date. TPS Star Organization Membership is a requirement for producing companies to be considered. Register or renew right here on this website! 

For any show to be considered for The Gregory Awards, the following guidelines must be met:

  • Produced and rehearsed primarily in the Puget Sound region
  • Performed a minimum of 3 weekends OR 12 performances. OR minimum 1 weekend and 2 performances for the Limited Run category
  • Is not a staged reading

NOTE: Individuals are not required to be a TPS member in order to be considered for The Gregory Awards – but must be a part of a production being produced by a Theatre Puget Sound Star Member Organization.

How do I get started?

Your production must be submitted for consideration in advance at:  A training video on how to submit your productions is HERE.

The Gregory Awards will not consider any show not submitted through this platform.  

Once you’ve entered your information, 12 Nominators will be assigned and will contact you to reserve their complimentary ticket. You are only responsible for providing the first 10 nominators with free tickets to your event.

That’s it! Time to relax and let the Nominators enjoy your work.

What is Excellence?

As with any “award” ceremony, one of the big philosophical questions becomes “what is excellence?” What is an “outstanding” actor?  In the arts, is it fair to rank or compare productions with entirely different artistic objectives?

The mission of the Gregory Awards is to celebrate excellence, not to say a certain production is “better” than another.  Thus, The Gregory Awards nomination system attempts to keep comparisons to a minimum. Each production seen by our Nominators will be adjudicated based on its own merits rather than compared to other productions. 

There are specific rubrics for assessing outstanding designs, acting, direction and other categories listed within the manual. They were originally written as guides by professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area, and were then adapted to our Gregory Awards system (with permission, of course!), and then finally re-updated to match the new categories. Nominators will consult the rubric and then determine (on a scale of 1-100) how successfully each production (and elements therein) met the definition. 

Excellence will be assessed based on quality of performances and technical aspects rather than whether one agrees with certain choices or liked/disliked the story being told.