ACT - A CONTEMPORARY THEATRE | VIDEO GENERAL (EPA) AUDITIONS: Self-Tape Submissions for 2022-2023 Season


About the project and the company

ACT- A Contemporary Theatre is accepting self-taped General Auditions by video submission from AEA, EMC, and non-union local actors for its 2022-2023 Season. Video submissions are being accepted from July 20th, 2022 through August 5, 2022.

Complete details (individual production dates/available roles) at this link:

Available roles on the season are open to actors of all races/ethnicities, gender identities, disabilities, and neuro-diversities, except where particular identities are specified by the playwright  and/or director as integral to character and/or narrative. Gender non-conforming, gender-queer, transgender, and non-binary actors, please submit for the roles you most identify with.

Initial submissions will be reviewed by John Langs (Artistic Director) and Margaret Layne (Casting Coordinator).  Actors moving forward to consideration for specific shows will also be reviewed by the individual production directors as listed.  We ensure BIPOC representation in all production casting rooms, real or virtual, in addition to representation of other identities specific to individual plays.

Other details

To ensure the well-being of artists, collaborators, board members, and staff to engage in the spirit of an ever-improving process, ACT has created the following documents that express ACT’s cultural values, accountability, commitments, and agreements.
We Believe
Production Commitments and Agreements

**COVID INFORMATION (thru December 2022): ACT mandates masking, vaccination and boosters against COVID-19 as a condition of employment. Testing required a minimum of 3x per week. These policies may be revised pending new recommendations by CDC or FDA. ACT will comply with all applicable federal, state, and local law regarding mandatory vaccinations, including any legally required exemptions, limitation, payments, leave, and record-keeping.

Audition requirements

Two (2) short contrasting monologues or one long monologue. Five minutes total. Upload the link(s) to your self-tape, along with headshot/resumé and some additional information you’ll see requested, here: **Please note that to protect your privacy we can only accept links, we are not able to upload the video itself. Vimeo and YouTube are the preferred platforms for recording.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Fully Cast
SCROOGE (alternating with another actor already cast), 50-80, embittered, miserly, misanthropic, but in the end transformed to be full of joy, warmth, and playfulness BOB CRATCHIT, 30-50, Scrooge’s clerk, a family man, kind, hopeful, optimistic FRED, 25-40, Scrooge’s nephew, outgoing, friendly, positive, MRS FEZZIWIG, F, 40-60, warm, lively, motherly MIDDLE SCROOGE, 25-35, Scrooge in younger days, engaging, ambitious, but already showing signs of misanthropy and greed BELLE, 20-30, Scrooge’s one-time fiancée, wise, lovely, open-hearted MARLEY’S GHOST, 40-60, ghost of Scrooge’s late partner, angry, tortured, scary GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST, any age, other-worldly, mischievous, but steely when called upon GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT, any age, larger than life, boisterous, bountiful, commanding 6 youth actors under 13 to play CRATCHIT CHILDREN and LONDONERS 2 understudies, 25+, any gender, tracks TBD but can include any adult role, excluding SCROOGE. Some roles are covered internally by cast members 1 understudy, under 13, for youth actor roles
UNDERSTUDY – Black male, any age UNDERSTUDY – Black female, any age UNDERSTUDY – White, any gender, any age
UNDERSTUDY – any gender, 30 – 45
WOLF, East Asian descent. Enigmatic, vulnerable, edge of danger. Plays a 6 yr old boy through a puppet. (Puppetry experience helpful but not required) ASH, Non-binary, late 20s, BIPOC other than East Asian. Southpaw boxer. Tough, no-nonsense, authentically themselves. Must have boxing experience or be willing to train. ROBIN, female, 30s, BIPOC other than East Asian, Ash’s wife. Practical, organized, open-hearted. RYAN, male, early-mid 30s, BIPOC other than East Asian, Robin’s brother. Charming, rough at the edges, a guy’s guy. Must be believable as a former boxer (ie, fit or willing to train) PETER, male, late 30s, not East Asian. A father. Traditional family man, privileged, sees himself as a good person who wants to do the right thing. UNDERSTUDY – Ash/Robin UNDERSTUDY- Ryan/Peter UNDERSTUDY - Wolf
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

Self-tape submissions accepted 7/20/22 - 8/5/22

Pay type

Contract (union or other)

Audition location


Pay type

$953/wk (AEA) $953/wk (AEA)

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Callbacks will be scheduled as needed on a per-show basis. If you receive a callback, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment, Zoom or in-person TBD

Submission instructions

Upload headshot/res/self-tape link to:

Union Requirements

Open to All

Website specific to project

Equity Contract

Equity (AEA)