An Evening At Midsummer Meadows

Pacific Play Company

About the project and the company

AN EVENING AT MIDSUMMER MEADOWS is a dystopian twist on the Shakespearean Classic ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.  

Auditions: Saturday, April 25th 2020, 12:30pm-5pm at TPS  

Callbacks: Sunday, April 26th 2020, 3pm-7pm at TPS 

Rehearsals: June 7th – July 8th 2020 

Performances: July 9th  August 1 (every Thursday, Friday and Saturday) 

 **Possible addition of Sunday Performances 

The show will be presented at West of Lenin

Pacific Play Company is a new Seattle-based theatre company devoted to staging world and regional premiere plays by American playwrights with an emphasis on local writers.  We value not only quality production elements, but strive for a creative and fun production environment. 

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Location of Audition

Theater Puget Sound, 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109    ** TPS studio and floor number will be sent once your submission has been received ** 

Other details

Playwright: Morgan Ludlow 

Director: Cassie Post 

Production Co: Pacific Play Company 

Production Location: West of Lenin Theater, Seattle WA 


Auditions: Saturday, March 21st 2020, 12pm-5pm at TPS  

Callbacks: Monday, March 23rd 2020, 6pm-10pm at TPS 


Rehearsals: June 7th - July 8th 2020 

Performances: July 9th - August 1 (every Thursday, Friday and Saturday) 

**Possible addition of Sunday Performances 

Audition requirements

Please prepare 1 contemporary monologue (2 min max); a 2nd monologue may be requested by the auditor.    Actors auditioning for TANYA/ANITA/BONGO/JON 18-35 y/o ONLY: please additionally prepare 16 bars acapella    MUSICIAN/JON ONLY: please additionally prepare 32 bars of a song (please provide your own instrument for auditions/callbacks)    ** Actors of all ethnicities, genders, ages, and body types/sizes are encouraged to audition. **    All roles are available at this time 

Character breakdown / Project needs
GRACE (50+ y/o actor)
A resident of Midsummer Meadows Retirement Home and our heroine. Grace was the town Nurse, who retired with honors after serving in the War-of-Andalusia. She is kind, but keen. Her nephew STUART has bullied her into marrying FLOYD, to preserve her family’s wealth and control in Andalusia. She recently has fallen in love with DIEGO. In an attempt to thwart STUART and find her missing son JON, Grace escapes with DIEGO into the woods of Andalusia; where nature and lack-of-medication begin to rekindle Grace’s long-fogged memory. 
DIEGO (50+ y/o actor)
The new ‘Don Juan’ of Midsummer Meadows, Diego is a recent addition to the Retirement Community. An unwelcome addition it would seem; he has won the affection of GRACE, but not without making enemies of the staff and other retirees. A Guitarist and Tango dancer, Diego awakens GRACE’s heart and mind with his music. Diego is passionate and flamboyant, a true romantic. However, his romanticism is not without fault, he often gets too caught-up in the moment. Like GRACE, Diego has memory loss: he doesn’t remember how he got to Midsummer Meadows! But it doesn’t bother him… he likes the soft towels.     ** Diego speaks with a “Spanish” accent (we can’t tell if it’s authentic -- and he can’t remember!) ** 
FLOYD (50+ y/o actor) 
A retired army general and semi-retired stalwart businessman. Floyd has spent his life in service of the people and government. While a shrewd capitalist, at the root, his actions move from a sense of morality, pragmatism and love; even if he poorly expresses his emotions. Floyd is used to making tough decisions -- and people disliking him for it. While his love for GRACE is sincere, it is misguided. Floyd pines for the unattainable, oblivious to the woman who has been standing steadfast by his side (VIOLET). But remember: Floyd always gets what he wants. 
VIOLET (50+ y/o actor) 
Violet has been FLOYD’s secretary and “right arm” for the past 30 years. She has been in love with him since the day they met, but would rather pine than profess her feelings. She has continued to work for FLOYD during his (and her) semi-retirement at Midsummer Meadows. Violet has a Connecticut Lockjaw Accent; which is apt exhibition of her outward appearance and inner emotional state. Violet pursues her objectives through the guise of logic or work. Violet likes DIEGO, but only because he gets GRACE away from FLOYD.  
STUART/TANYA (20-40 y/o actor)
Stuart is GRACE’s nephew (or grand-nephew, dependent on age of the actor). He is Grace’s guardian and only living relative. Stuart is ambitious and cunning. He uses FLOYD’s feelings towards GRACE to cut a deal: FLOYD gets GRACE, and Stuart gets control of the company. Ayn Rand is his hero.  | Tanya is a performer who is defending her crown at Andalusia’s Queen De Luxe competition tomorrow. This year marks Tanya’s 4th year as reigning champion. She rehearses her performance in the forest, with BONGO as an assistant. O’BRYAN is her lover -- but she doesn’t have time for love, she needs to rehearse! TANYA is scared her new competitor, ANITA, will steal her crown.  
SHELIA/O’BRYAN (20-40 y/o actor)
Sheila is the Manager of Midsummer Meadows, a premiere Retirement Community. She is in charge of security and the well-being of its residents. Shelia is similar to Dolores Umbridge: everything is said through a smile. At first glance Shelia is two-dimensional character: clinical and cruel. However, as the play progresses her compassion is revealed to the audience, as well as herself. | O’Bryan is a mad scientist who drives a motorcycle. He wears aviators – and has the leather jacket to match. TANYA is his lover. Although their relationship is passionate, he is insecure about TANYA’s love for him. Does TANYA love her Queen De Luxe title more than him? O’Bryan uses BONGO to manipulate TANYA and ANITA -- with the help of some narcotics.  
ANITA/ORDERLY 1 (20-40 y/o actor)
Anita is a new up-and-coming talent in Andalusia. Does she have what it takes to take the Queen De Luxe title from TANYA? She sure thinks so! Anita is TANYA’s fiercest critic, but she secretly admires her. | Orderly 1 works at Midsummer Meadows, under the direction of SHELIA. 
BONGO/ORDERLY 2 (20-35 y/o actor)
A young veteran from the War-of Andalusia. Modeled after Puck, Bongo thrives on chaos and disorder. Bongo is a listener, a soldier, a follower. Bongo is loyal to O’BRYAN to the core. True to his name, Bongo is an excellent Bongo player (at least in his own eyes). He helps TANYA rehearse in the forest.  | Orderly 2 works at Midsummer Meadows, under the direction of SHELIA. 
MUSICIAN/JON (20-40 y/o actor) 
Must play a musical instrument: guitar preferred, but we are open to other options. Musician will be seated on-stage for a majority of the show. Please provide your own instrument for the audition/callback.    Jon is GRACE’s missing son. He was banished from Andalusia at the start of the war, many years ago. He works for the underground Resistance. He is called forth from the shadows at the end of the play, by love and memory. He appears once GRACE is ready to accept the truth.     *MUSICIAN/JON $300 Stipend 
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

Saturday, April 25 12-5pm at TPS

Pay type


Audition location

Seattle WA

Pay type

$150.00 and $300.00 for musician role $150.00 and $300.00 for musician role

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Monday, March 23rd 2020, 6pm-10pm at TPS

Submission instructions

Please request a 10 minute time slot between 12-4:30pm. Please email your headshot and resume to:   

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