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ASTRA is postponing our auditions originally scheduled for March.
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Location of Audition

504 2nd St SW Puyallup WA 98371 – All Saints Catholic School (Parking and Audition entrance is on SW side of building, enter from 3rd St SW or 6th Ave SW)

Audition requirements

Please see website for requirements.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Mezzo-Soprano Belter, Female, to play 11 years old: A tough yet charming streetwise orphan. Annie is independent, hopeful, and full of life; she acts as a leader/mother figure to the other orphans and yearns for parents of her own. Looking for a strong singer and smart actress who can carry the energy of the show.
Bari-tenor, Male, 40-60: Warbucks is a highly successful businessman who made a fortune as an industrialist in World War I. Should be confident, intimidating, and a bit stiff. At first, he is unsure and awkward around Annie, but warms up to her and eventually learns to love her as a father. Should have a smooth legit voice, falsetto a plus.
Soprano, Female, 30-40: Oliver Warbucks’s secretary; she is poised, sophisticated and savvy, yet gentle and warm. Acts as a welcoming motherly figure to Annie, and is able to access Warbucks’s gentler side.
Alto Belter, Female, 35-55: The disillusioned, bitter, and cruel matron of the orphanage. Her distaste for her job should ooze from every line she delivers. Looking for a larger-than-life comedic character actress with a strong belt to match. New York accent a plus.
Tenor, Male, 25-40: The flashy, self-assured con-man of a brother to Miss Hannigan. He poses as Annie’s father in order to claim a cash reward. Should be a great mover and have excellent comedic chemistry with the actress playing Lily. New York accent a plus.
Character Soprano, Female, 20-30: Rooster’s sleazy, airheaded girlfriend. She poses as Annie’s mother in order to claim a cash reward. She should be a great mover; seductive, ditzy, and annoying, all at the same time. Should have excellent comedic chemistry with the actor playing Rooster. Squeaky-voiced New Jersey accent a plus.
Any voice type, males and females, ages 7-14: The orphans are gritty, neglected kids, who are at the same time honest and lovable. They act like siblings, looking out for each other but also fighting each other constantly. Each actor/actress should be able to shape their own specific character. We are looking for strong, expressive singers who can also dance well. Tap dancing experience is not required, but is helpful. The named orphans include: MOLLY, age 6-7: The littlest orphan, she latches onto Annie for love and protection. KATE, age 7: The second youngest orphan after Molly. TESSIE, age 10: The crybaby of the orphanage; must have a loud, whiny voice. JULY, age 12: The quietest orphan. PEPPER, age 12: The toughest orphan, always getting into fights. DUFFY, age 13: The oldest orphan, usually forced to help Annie break up the fights.
All genders, All voice types, ages 16+: Excellent singer/dancer/actors to play various roles around New York City in the 1930’s, including street vendors, homeless people, tourists, newsboys, pickpockets, street cleaners, Broadway ushers, news reporters, and more. They will also appear as Warbucks’s staff who take care of his mansion. Featured ensemble roles include: PRESIDENT FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, Male, 50-65: Should be an actor who can convincingly pass as FDR, has a bit of solo singing and speaking lines. STAR-TO-BE, Female, Mezzo-Soprano Belter, 18-25: Featured soloist in “NYC”, the Star-To- Be is a young actress who recently moved to New York City to become a Broadway star. BERT HEALY, Male, Tenor, 20-40: A classic 1930’s radio announcer, with solo singing in “Never Fully Dressed”. Should be able to change vocal quality or accents to create different radio characters. BOYLAN SISTERS, Females, Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano, 18-30: A trio of 1930’s radio singers, should be able to hold close harmonies. DRAKE, Male, any voice type, 20-45: Warbucks’s butler. British or Trans-Atlantic accent a plus. LIEUTENANT OFFICER WARD, Male, any voice type, 30-45: The policeman who questions Annie about Sandy. BUNDLES, Male, any voice type, 30-55: The laundryman who collects laundry from the orphanage. He is friendly to the kids, but avoids Miss Hannigan’s romantic advances. APPLE SELLER, Any gender, any voice type, 18+: A homeless person who sells apples on the streets of New York. MRS. GREER, MRS. PUGH, AND CECILLE, Females, any voice type, 18+: Maidservants who work at the Warbucks mansion. ICKES, PERKINS, HULL, MORGANTHAU, AND HOWE, All Males except Perkins, all voice types, 30-55: Members of President Roosevelt’s cabinet. JUDGE BRANDEIS, Male, 50-55: Attorney & associate justice of the Supreme Court who is hired to help Warbucks legally adopt Annie.
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Audition/Interview dates

Sat Mar 28th and Sun Mar 29th

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Puyallup Washington

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Mon Mar 30th at 7pm

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