AUDITIONS: Bethany Sees the Stars by Emily Golden (world premiere)

Copious Love Productions

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Audition Announcement

Copious Love Productions is excited to announce our spring production of Bethany Sees the Stars by Emily Golden.

Mission Statement: Copious Love Productions seeks to amplify traditionally marginalized voices through emotionally truthful, psychologically deep, and authentic storytelling. Our programs focus on developing new work, supporting emerging voices, and creating a collaborative community of artists and audiences.


When 15-year-old Bethany receives a letter inviting her to be a crew member on the first manned mission to Mars, she consults with the stars to decide whether she is willing to leave the Earth behind once and for all. This world premiere play delves into hope, loss, and the ability of relationships to hurt us or heal us in the most vulnerable seasons of life. 

Character Breakdown:

Bethany: 15 years old, female identifying, any race/ethnicity. A dreamer, a scientist, fascinated with space. Trying to find a home–or any sense of home– after losing her mother a year ago.

Fay: 15 years old, female identifying, any race/ethnicity. Bethany’s best friend since forever. Friendly, bright, “glass-half-full” energy. Tries to support her friend always even when she doesn’t understand what’s going on with her. Also plays Andromeda.

Atlas: 15 years old, male identifying, any race/ethnicity. Highly intelligent, good-hearted, awkward. He’s read hundreds of books but cannot read social cues. 

Father: 40s, cis male, any race/ethnicity. Single dad to Bethany after losing his wife a year ago. He’s doing his best but he often fails. Works long hours but that’s easy compared to trying to connect with his teen daughter. Also plays Perseus and Teacher. 

LeAnne: 30s/40s, female identifying, any race/ethnicity. Also plays Cassiopea. Atlas’s mother. A museum curator. She knows who she is and what it means to be a good human being in the world. She gently worries about her son’s social isolation while also being fiercely proud of him.

Audition Dates:

Thursday February 9th– 5pm-8pm at TPS Studio D

Monday February 13th–5pm-9pm at TPS Studio D

Production Schedule:

First Rehearsal: March 6th, 2023

Rehearsals: March 6th-April 6th, 2023

Tech Begins: April 10th, 2023 at Theatre Off Jackson

First Preview: April 20th, 2023 at Theatre Off Jackson

Opening Night: April 21st, 2023 at Theatre Off Jackson

Closing: May 6th, 2023

*Rehearsals are usually Monday – Thursday 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. This might shift slightly based on the needs of the ensemble.

Stipend: $500 We openly name that this only a portion of what we would want to pay for your time, energy and art, and continue to seek growth that allows us to pay our artists closer to what they are truly worth. 

Covid Requirements: Everyone working on this production is required to be vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination upon hiring.

Location of Audition

TPS Studio D

Audition requirements

For your 10 minute audition slot, we'll ask for you to prepare 1-2 sides that we will provide. Please email to schedule your audition and receive your sides along with a full copy of the script!

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Seattle WA

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Please email with a digital copy of your headshot and resume, what role(s) you are interested in and your audition availability.

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