AUDITIONS for Broadway Bound's 2022 Summer Spotlight Production: Crybaby the Musical

Broadway Bound Children's Theater

About the project and the company

Crybaby the Musical

Direction by Ellen Hume,  Musical Direction by Melina Karu

This jumping, jiving Tony nominee is a rebellious teen comedy event! Based on the cult classic, 1990 John Waters film, Cry-Baby features a delightfully demented book from the writers of Hairspray and a rockabilly score from the co-founder of Fountains of Wayne and the executive producer of “The Daily Show.”  It’s 1954. Everyone likes Ike, nobody likes communism and Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker is the coolest boy in Baltimore. He’s a bad boy with a good cause – truth, justice and the pursuit of rock and roll. Cry-Baby and the square rich girl, Allison, are star-crossed lovers at the center of this world. Fueled by hormones and the new rhythms of rock and roll, she turns her back on her squeaky clean boyfriend, Baldwin, to become a “drape” (a Baltimore juvenile delinquent) and Cry-Baby’s moll. At the other end of the topsy-turvy moral meritocracy of 1954 America, Baldwin is the king of the squares and leads his close-harmony pals against the juvenile delinquents, who are ultimately arrested for arson, sending the drapes all off to prison.


Ages 13-21


All rehearsals and performances are in person. We will be following COVID guidelines as they change.


Crybaby the Musical is being put on as a part of the Summer Spotlight program, run by Broadway Bound. Summer Spotlight is aiming to get young teens interested in aspects of theatre outside of acting, as well as give them an opportunity to work in those departments. All shows through Broadway Bound’s Summer Spotlight will be student directed, designed, and produced, helping young adults look into the many careers that are not always seen directly on stage. Also, helping students understand and appreciate the work that they don’t tend to see in person when acting in a show. Although much of this program is looking into the behind the scenes part of creating a musical it also uses student actors in order to learn what it’s like to take direction and to professionally work alongside their peers. Our goal is to introduce teens to theatre in a new light and to give them the experience and mentoring required to be able to independently produce their own production. It also drives to express the importance of every single individual behind and in front of the curtain.

Location of Audition

University Heights Center Seattle

Other details

This is tuition-based, educational theater. Tuition is $50.

Audition requirements

Prepare a cut of a musical theater song, no longer than 1 minute, that showcases your ability, AND that you are comfortable with. Prepare a 30 second monologue that you connect with. Please register for an audition at the Website specific to project. YOU MAY ALSO SUBMIT A SELF TAPE- with the same requirements DUE MAY 18 *** I would like to emphasize that we take anyone of any experience level. This is an amazing opportunity to work with other young people and build a show ourselves! Please do not be intimidated by the audition process; We want to work with you! :) ***

Character breakdown / Project needs
Wade 'Crybaby' Walker
Lead, Baritone The leader of the gang known as the 'Drapes'. A misunderstood teen who acts like a rebel, but has a sensitive side.
Allison Vernon-Williams
Lead, Soprano A pretty, fun, and intelligent girl. She is a square, but wants to be a Drape.
Mrs. Cordelia Vernon-William
Supporting, Mezzo Soprano Allison's protective Grandmother. She keeps many secrets from the other characters. Comedic.
Dupree W. Dupree
Supporting, Baritone Wade 'Cry Baby' Walker's best friend and a drape. He is always energetic and positive.
Baldwin Blandish
Lead, Baritone Allison's Boyfriend who is an enthusiastic square. He is the lead singer of a group called "The Whiffles" and has strong opinions on politics.
Pepper Walker
Supporting, Mezzo-Soprano Cry Baby's tough sister. She is a Drape and pregnant for the third time.
Wanda Woodward
Supporting, Mezzo-Soprano A Drape who just wants to be Jayne Mansfield. There are many rumors circling about her, but she is really a sincere and 'pure' girl.
Mona 'Hatchet-Face' Malnorowski
Supporting, Mezzo-Soprano A Drape that many others fear. She always carries around a switchblade and is not to be messed with.
Lenora Frigid
Supporting, Soprano Desperately wants to be a Drape. She is in love with Cry Baby.
The Whiffles
Featured, Quartet Baldwin's doo-wop group and best friends. They want to have a hit on the radio.
Judge Stone, Father O’Brien, The Bailiff, Skippy Wagstaff, Radio DJ, Drape Ensemble, Square Ensemble *MULTIPLE ROLES IN THIS CATEGORY MAY BE ASSIGNED TO ONE PERSON
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

May 12-15 (In Person), Up to May 18 (Self Tape)

Pay type


Audition location

Seattle Washington

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Submission instructions

Register for an audition at Website Specific to Project or submit your self-tape video to

Union Requirements

Open to All

Website specific to project

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