Auditions for Farndale Avenue Housing Estate...Christmas Carol

Red Curtain Foundation for the Arts

About the project and the company

The ladies of the Farndale Avenue Housing estate Townswomen’s Guild are at it again, this time presenting their take on the holiday classic, A Christmas Carol…but nothing seems to go right. At the top of the show, the emcee is explaining to the audience that two of the actresses are stuck in traffic, and the show will be delayed for up to an hour. The mics don’t work, the costumes don’t fit, no one seems to know their lines, but the show must go on.

This is a highly comedic production, similar in style to British holiday pantos, with slapstick comedy, nudge-and-wink naughty jokes, and lots of audience participation. Directed by Eric Bischoff, this will be a great way to spend the holiday season.

Location of Audition

Red Curtain Arts Center 9315 State Ave #J Marysville, WA 98270 We're in the Goodwill shopping center. Our entrance is around back, behind the beauty school.

Audition requirements

Come prepared for improv activities, some singing, and reading from the script. No need to prepare any monologue.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Mrs Reece
Mrs Reece is a take-command, energetic woman who is sure she knows how everything should be run. A woman in her 50's or 60's, she has been running her little community theatre group for years.
Thelma is the ultimate amateur prima donna. Somewhere in her 40's or early 50's and ill-tempered, she considers herself the greatest actress to ever grace the Farndale stage.
poor Gordon is the over-worked, under-appreciated and less than perfectly talented stage manager/tech/prop man. He can be be any age, but whatever the age, he is out of his depth working on this show.
a younger woman, maybe late 20's to early thirties. Well meaning, hard working, riddled with stage fright and rightfully so because she is a terrible actress.
a woman who is not young, who goes along with everyone in her droll unemotional, almost non-commital way.
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Audition/Interview dates

Sept 21 and 22, 2021

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Marysville WA

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