Auditions for "Hetero" Series Pilot

Third Charm Films

About the project and the company

Project Type: Series pilot
Union Status: Non-union
Compensation: Food, IMDB credit and footage for reel

Submissions Due By: Sunday, March 8
Director: Kendall Kieras and Bentley Eldridge
Production Company: Third Charm Films

Callbacks Date and Location: Evening of Sunday, March 15 in Seattle
Shoot Dates: Mostly weekend dates from early April to late June 2020 – details below
Shoot Location: Seattle and Bainbridge Island

Synopsis: Five misfit friends scramble to save their school’s Gay Straight Alliance from an unsympathetic principal while facing the ups and downs of being queer in high school. If there’s one thing Quinn, Zel, Sarai, Dahmer, and Mickey aren’t, it’s Hetero. After an outburst based around Shakespeare being super gay sends them to the office, they must scramble to recruit the school’s heterosexual population. Selling themselves out as “gay best friends” to the school’s population, they learn about love, pride, and ultimately, how to be (or not to be) Hetero.

About Third Charm Films: See for more details. We welcome and encourage auditions from non-union actors of all ethnic and cultural groups. We have roles available for all gender-expressions as well as gender non-conformed actors.


Because this is a TV show which centers primarily around a cast of diverse, queer characters, we prefer actors who align with the sexualities, gender identities and ethnicities specified. However, we welcome all to audition to any part they feel they connect with, regardless of said characteristics.

Lead / White nonbinary lesbian / Late teens
GSA club leader. Sarcastic, blunt, and a leader among their friends, but completely clueless when it comes to love and relationships. Best friend of Sarai.

Lead / Cis latinx lesbian / Late teens
Feisty and always quick with a comeback. Out and proud at school, but must deal with the repercussions of coming out to her traditional Colombian family. Best friend of Quinn.  Ability to speak Spanish preferred.

Lead / Hijabi muslim, bisexual, cis female / Late teens
Put together and consistently the voice of reason. Struggles with a sense of underlying anxiety that she is ‘different’ than other high schoolers, do to her alienation based around her ethnicity, religion, and sexuality, as well as her maturity in comparison to those around her.

Lead / Asian trans boy, bisexual / Late teens
Energetic, dramatic, and always the life of the party. Little respect for social conventions or norms. Uses flair to hide his own underlying insecurities. Clumsily attempts to court Dahmer, who he harbors an intense and over-the-top crush for.

Lead / Jewish, nonbinary masc; white or mixed race / Late teens
Tall, dark and handsome, with a stoic presence and a flair for all things old, communist, and conspiracy theorist. Can hide their true feelings under their intimidating exterior.

Supporting / Cis female, race not specified / Late teens
Confused cheerleader. Hot girl attitude, flirtatious and bubbly. Internally struggling with her sexuality. Flirts with and courts Quinn before rejecting her.

Supporting / Very white, very straight, male / Middle-aged
English teacher, very pompous. Sure of himself and arrogant. Sparks the plot into motion when he argues with the squad over whether a Shakespeare poem is gay.

Supporting / Female, race unspecified / Middle-aged
School counselor. Comforting and invested in the lives of the students.

Supporting / Male, race unspecified / Middle-aged
High school principal. Done with the students of Gay Straight Alliance, trying to keep a strong and disciplined hand, but is worn out with his role as principal.

Featured / Female, race unspecified / Late 20s
Done with her job.

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Audition requirements

Submit self-taped audition, resume, headshot and other information at

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Audition/Interview dates

Submit self-taped audition by Sunday, March 8

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Audition location

Seattle WA

Pay type

Food, IMDB credit and footage for reel Food, IMDB credit and footage for reel

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Callbacks to be held the evening of Sunday, March 15 in Seattle

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Submit self-taped audition at

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