Auditions for Miss Holmes

ACT 1 Theatre

About the project and the company

ACT 1 is a non-profit community theatre located in Tacoma , Wa.

Location of Audition

902 Market St. Urban Grace church. in the theater district of downtown Tacoma.

Other details

if you arrive at Urban Grace and don't see our designated entrance location please text Tori-the director . 541-890-2559.Thank you.

Audition requirements

prepare on of the sides from the link to present in a British accent

Character breakdown / Project needs
Sherlock Holmes (F)
25-35. Smart, sophisticated and fiesty. Sherlock has to use her words and sometimes her fists to get her point across in a male dominated world.
Watson (F)
25-35. Highly educated and resourceful.Watson is a woman who has figured out how to use the world around her to get what she needs. A good contrast and companion to Sherlock.
Lizzie Chapman (F)
20-30. A young wife, subdued oin attitude and very in love with her husband.She is the main client that Sherlock is assisting in this mystery.
Eudora Featherstone (F) elderly, grieving mother who regularly uses Laudanum, which makes her tantrums fanciful.
Mrs. Hudson (F)
35-55. Sherlock's disapproving landlady with a strong foothold in old school traditional female values.
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (F)
35-55. First woman to qualify as a doctor in england with mothering qualities towards Watson.
Mycroft Holmes (M)
25-45. Sherlock's older brother, and someone who seems to have very little patience with his sister's shenanigans.
Geoffrey Lestrade (M)
30-50. Scotland Yard Detective. a slightly more aware version of the traditional character with a good sense of justice.
Thomas Chapman (M)
25-35. a charming but sleazy Scotland Yard detective.
Michael Stamford(M)
25-35. A doctor with a long familial history and friendship with Watson. A nnice middle class man who is looking to make the next step in life.
Edwin Greener (M)
35-55. An army veteran and a petty criminal, an associate with Thomas Chapman.
Reginald (M)
20+ Eudora's obnoxious nephew, aiming for the family fortune.
Peggy (F)
a maid
Martha (f)
a washerwoman
Superintendent (M)
in charge of the asylum and takes too much pleasure in his job
orderlies (M)
need 1-3.
Vagrant (M)
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

Friday Feb 7, 6-8 pm, Saturday Feb 8, 12-2 pm and 3-5 pm

Pay type


Audition location

Tacoma Wa

Submission instructions

send resume and head shot with two references

Union Requirements


Sides or script location

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