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About the project and the company

Winner of the Tony Triple Crown for Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book, the hilarious Avenue Q tells the timeless story of a recent college graduate trying to find his way in the world. Set in New York City, on Avenue Q, we are introduced to fresh-faced Princeton as he struggles to find his purpose. Inspired by the beloved children’s show Sesame Street, Avenue Q creates a puppet-filled world that is a little more reflective of the difficult, R-rated realities that we face when we learn that real life isn’t as simple as we dreamed it might be – but, perhaps, life is all the more colorful and worthwhile for it.”

This will not be the typical production seen on Broadway or heard on the cast album. These are original Puppet and character concepts that may be heavily based on what the artists bring to the audition. Be familiar with the show and potentially what character(s) you may be most interested in auditioning for.

Location of Audition

Renton Civic Theatre 507 S 3rd st Renton, WA 98051

Other details

Note: Any puppetry experience is a bonus but is not required. Although we are not dual casting any of the principal roles in this production, please be aware that there are NO SMALL ROLES in this ensemble show. Artists who play the right operating arm of a puppet are not only critically important to the characterization and functionality of that puppet, but they are also most likely dual cast as another featured role in the show.

Audition requirements

please prepare a contemporary song, and a comedic monologue - Monologue should be approximately 1-2 minutes in length, song should be 16-32 bars of a contemporary musical theatre song. Be prepared to show the ability to use a character voice as appropriate. You may be asked to demonstrate range and/or other styles of voice if necessary. Bring sheet music in the right key. The accompanist will NOT transpose! No CD tracks, karaoke, or a cappella singing.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Puppet Characters Princeton (early 20’s)
Princeton (early 20’s) One rod puppet. A fresh-faced kid just out of college. He is looking for his “purpose” in life and is pursuing a career, love and life satisfaction. He is a little naïve to the realities of life, as most people are at that age. He represents the struggles of youth not being taught some of the basics to actually live. Remember when they had classes to teach you to balance your checkbook, change a tire, or boil an egg? Yeah, he didn't get those classes. Bb2 – G4 Tenor
Nicky (20’s)
Live hands puppet. A bit of a beach bum, West Coast transplant, who lives with Rod. They are best friends but have a fiery relationship and can often be found arguing. Looking for a new interpretation. B2 – B4 Tenor
Rod (20’s/30’s)
Two rod puppet. A Conservative with a secret…he is struggling with coming to terms with his homosexuality. Rod has class and poise... but is he Gay? or just European? He does come out over the course of the show. Looking for a new interpretation. A2 – G4 Tenor
Trekkie Monster (20’s/30’s)
Live hands puppet. A reclusive creature obsessed by the Internet. Although he appears abrupt and rude, a sensitive side is revealed during the show. Looking for a new interpretation, not the traditional "Cookie Monster" growl, think more Gollum or Crypt Keeper. Bb2 – F#4 Baritone
Lucy (20’s/30’s)
Two rod puppet. A vixenish vamp with a dangerous edge. She has starred in “Girls Gone Wild: Parts 2, 5 and 7”. During the show she seduces Princeton which causes a showdown with Kate. Very much considering alternative casting, willing to consider Non-Binary and male/female identifying actors. F3 – D5 Alto (Belt)
Mrs T. (Ancient)
Live hands puppet. Kate’s boss. She is cranky and bossy. Not a human puppet, but not a Monster either? (Open to Alternative Casting)
The Bad Idea Bears
Two rod puppets. Two snuggly, cute teddy-bear types who convince people to do bad things!! They are not evil, or malicious, they just want everyone to have a good time and can't comprehend why anyone would choose not to. One Baritone - One Mezzo (Non-Binary)
Kate Monster (mid 20’s)
One rod puppet. A kindergarten teaching assistant, a bit older than Princeton. She is kind, considerate but can have a feisty side. Looking to avoid familiar vocal affectations to make the character. No saccharine sweet from this Monster: she's a real (puppet) woman, with feelings, and fur. Not cartoony F#3 – F5 Soprano (Mezzo)
Human Characters Brian (early 30’s)
Laid back, and engaged to Christmas Eve. Unemployed but dreams of becoming a famous ‘smutty’ comedian. “Calling a character “ordinary” is never helpful for any actor – but Brian does live in a relaxed, easy-come, easy-go world.`` B2 – F#4 Baritone/Mezzo (Open to Non-Binary and/or Female identifying Actors)
Christmas Eve (20’s/30’s/40’s)
A therapist who has moved here from Japan. Wears the trousers in her relationship with Brian. “She’s super smart. If you go for the easy stereotype the audience won’t find her funny after about eight minutes.” Her Accent is thick only when it is required to be. Asian, Female Identifying B3 – F#5 Soprano
Gary Coleman-
Yes, that Gary Coleman... or perhaps, the GHOST of Gary Coleman. He lives on the Avenue, too! He’s the superintendent. He is a washed-up Z-list celebrity who has had a public personal life. Although Gary Coleman has passed away, we are playing with creative ways to bring the character back to life. The part can be played by an African American of any gender. D2 – Bb4/D3 – Bb5* Tenor/Alto (Belt) *Main range alto, top Bb appears once as part of a riff
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June 12 and 13 7 pm - 10 pm

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150 150

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To schedule an audition time, email your requested time to auditions@rentoncivictheatre.org

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