Building Bridges

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Casting “Building Buildings,” a short film.



Ruby Bridges, a six-year-old African American girl gets ready for her first day at an all-white, segregated Elementary School. Ruby’s mother, Lucille, assist her by styling her hair the morning before school while expressing the importance of her first day, whereas Ruby’s father, Abon, shows little to no interest in the decision of Ruby attending an all-white segregated school. Ruby and Lucille is then escorted to school by four U.S. Federal Marshals. When arriving at the school there is a large crowd of angry parents and locals who are upset about the decision to integrate schools. One of the U.S. Marshals warns Ruby to keep her eyes forward and not look back when walking into the school. The crowd holds signs above their heads, chants “2, 4, 6, 8, we don’t want to integrate,” and threatens Ruby as she is escorted into the school. Ruby then meets her teacher, Barbara Henry, for the first time. Mrs. Henry is a white lady from Boston who is the only teacher willing to teach Ruby. In fact, Ruby is Mrs. Henry’s only student that year since the parents refuse to let their children share a classroom with an African American. Ruby spends the entire day in Mrs. Henry’s class including lunch and recess until one day Mrs. Henry allows her to join the other children at recess. Ruby walks outside with a jump rope in her hand when a ball from a group of children rolls her way. When a boy comes to retrieve the ball, Ruby asks if she could play with them. The boy replies he can not, as he obeys his parent’s wishes.

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Please email Casting Director Jaleel Harris ( with any questions you may have.

Audition requirements

Please arrive with a copy of your headshot and resume. Sides will be provided at the beginning of your audition.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Ruby Bridges (Lead)
Female. Age 5-9. Black / African American Descent. Ruby is a six-year old girl who will be the first African American child to integrate a white Southern elementary school. She is smart, innocent and courageous.
Barbara Henry (Supporting)
Female. Age 22-35. White / European Descent. Barbara Henry is from Boston, Massachusetts. She attended the diverse Boston Latin school where she developed her respect for learning and education. The respect given by the faculty to the students no matter their class, community or color is the reason why Mrs. Henry teaches. It’s the guiding force and inspiration for all that she does.
U.S. Federal Marshal (Supporting)
Male. Age 30-50. White / European Descent. U.S. Federal Marshal who will keep Ruby safe and escort her to school.
Lucille Bridges (Supporting)
Female. Age 25-35. Black / African American Descent. Lucille Bridges is Ruby’s Mother. She is the reason Ruby is attending the segregated school. She believes the school offers a better education than the segregated black schools.
Abon Bridges (Day Player)
Male. Age 25-35. Black / African American Descent. Abon Bridges, Ruby’s Father is protective of her. He is against Ruby going to the segregated white school because he believes it would cause trouble. During the day, Abon works as a gas station attendant.
Man (Day Player)
Male. Age 18-50. White / European Descent. Racist Protester.
Woman (Day Player)
Female. Age 18-50. White / European Descent. Racist Protester.
Boy (Day Player)
Male. Age 5-13. White / European Descent. Racist Protester.
Girl (Day Player)
Female. Age 5-13. White / European Descent. Racist Protester.
Male & Female. Age 5-50. White / European Descent. Police and Racist Protesters during Protest Scene. Children during recess Scene.
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January 18th, 2020

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Seattle WA

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For an audition, please email Casting Director Jaleel Harris ( with the role you are interested in.

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