Casting for playwriting presentation- "SUNNY" Act One

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Brown Soul Productions develops and produces new work by women of color. On August 7th, we will do online readings on Zoom of Act One from this year’s cohort. This piece is written by Diedre Von and directed by Alma Davenport.



After the tragic loss of her mother, Sunny’s heartache may be killing her in more ways than one, and she, too, must fight to survive.



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Sunny Williams
Cute, pretty. Her style is polished and effortless. Witty, colorful personality. She's highly educated. Very cultured and from a very successful, prominent family. She's spiritual, didn't grow up in church, and is learning about and trying to understand her faith as she grows and evolves. She struggles badly with a tragic loss, spiraling, and questions everything. She is Black. 37 years old.
Very attractive. She's a force of nature, down-to-earth, and a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. Highly educated and from a prominent family. She's a boomer, lived through civil rights, and has lots of cultural pride. She is Sunny's mom. She is Black and in her late 60s.
He's fine, sexy. He is smart, very practical. He's an alpha male. He is Sunny's boyfriend. He is usually pretty self-focused and relies on Sunny to be the "ride or die" girlfriend. Sunny's tragic loss will test his ability to be selfless and supportive for as long as it takes. He is Black and 39 years old.
Best friend and "sister" to Sunny. She is direct, and confident. She is loving and supportive. Protective. She attends a progressive AME church and is knowledgeable about scripture. She is Black and 38 years old.
Young Sunny
Smart. Creative. Light-hearted. Loves to learn. She is 14 years old.
Nurse, Gunman, Funeral attendees, People in hospital & People in the crowd (could just be offstage audio)
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