Casting for Up So Floating a New Play In Development

Brown Soul Productions

About the project and the company

Up So Floating

Brown Soul Productions Artist In Residence New Play Development Series

About the Play: A coming of age story. Aria learns how to stay in alignment with her truth and beliefs when faced with the drama and old hurts of the adults in her life.

Dates: April 18th and 19th 6-9pm

Stipend $100


All characters are of the African Diaspora


ARIA: 12 years old on the brink of 13th birthday; anxious; overburdened; not at ease; awkward


OMA: 54 years old; Aria’s grandmother; Brazilian accent; sassy; (This actor will also double as PASTOR MOTHER SMITH)


MILES: 35 years old; Aria’s father; tormented; irritable


RUDY: 33 years old; Miles’ brother; the peacemaker; neutral 


Elias: 28 years old; Mile’s brother; always tentative


Kiev:  30 years old; Miles’ brother; Neuro atypical; magical


Trish: 32 years old; Rudy’s wife; consumes positive space


Heather-Celeste: 28 years old; Elias’ girlfriend; calm yet sad; southern accent


If cast, you may be asked to double up and play some smaller ensemble roles according to the director’s discretion. These roles include:

Voice of Blue Whale: Represents inner voice, lessons; teachers


Herr Rausche: No speaking parts; creepy old male

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This is a zoom audition. Please fill out the google form and include your contact info. When your application is received, you will receive a copy of the script and sides for the role you are auditioning for. You should have a headshot (A picture of yourself is also fine) The director would like you to have a prepared monologue Be prepared to cold read from sides that will be provided in advance. Your audition will be recorded but will not be shared publicly.

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