CASTING: Potwor/The Monster in "An Inheritance of Light"

Amazingly Anxious Productions


About the project and the company

Often known as the Amazingly Anxious Duo, Roland and Claire are a writing and storytelling duo whose work has been produced throughout Seattle since their formation in 2018. That’s us! Want to help? We have a brilliant team of designers and technicians and hope to bring a weird new play to life with the added partnership of a rad performer (that’s you!).

Job Description

WE'RE LOOKING FOR AN ACTOR OR PUPPETEER OR DANCER OR STRONG STORYTELLER! Performance Dates: 11/16-19 Rehearsals begin in earnest in October with a few meetings in August and, like, one in September As Maja, a Prussian farmer, looked over her family's land for the last time, she catches a glimmer of light in an otherwise dark forest. She is fleeing the Tsar's encroaching armies for a new life in America. Everything about this journey terrifies Maja. She would give anything to ferry her family to safety and the debt she will owe the Noonwitch waiting in the woods will ring forward through the generations, poisoning all it touches. Can the curse be undone? POTWOR/THE MONSTER is this curse, a body made of darkness and fear. This progeny of Poludnica, the Noonwitch is a metaphor, of course, made of all the awful things living in your head, generational trauma, anxiety, depression. Think equal parts Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” meets a more sinister Slavic Beast from Beauty and the Beast... and the horrors in The Witcher, the quieter beasts in Spirited Away, and a mechanical spider... with antlers. But like most beasts, Potwor's not all bad. The Monster loves art history and jokes. Maybe they're e a tad dramatic, but who wouldn’t be if your mother was a witch who shipped you off to Wisconsin? There will be some costume/puppet work that comes with this role BUT we will build this WITH you and your body in mind. Sensory processing, mobility, relative skill, and proficiency in puppetry or dance are all to be considered as we costume this role. Your body and mind are already perfect for the role. STIPEND $800

Required Qualifications

An interest in storytelling is all we really need. You need to be able to be at present on 8/31 for a workshop reading and we will need to arrange rehearsals together in October and November. You must be present 11/13-19 for tech, dress, and performances.

Desired Qualifications

An interest in or experience with...: new works, movement, fairy tales, puppets, intense costumes, etc.

Other details

You do NOT *need* experience. Interest, training, vision, ambition. This is enough. A resume is nice, but we want great storytellers and who come from all backgrounds.

People of the Global Majority or BIPOC artists are encouraged to apply as are members of the LGBTQ+ community. We will build a team that is more than reflective of our actual and aspirational theatre community.

Artists with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. There is no reason to think that any disability or perceived limitation/impairment will limit the success of your design or storytelling.

Additional information
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Audition location

Seattle WA

Submission instructions

Send an email with your interest with a note in the subject line. If you’ve got a resume, send it along! Do you have a website or reel? Cool! If not, all we need is your interest.

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