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“Ctrl-P” is a Comedy Thriller Web Series broken into about 42 one-to-three-minute segments, each ending on a cliffhanger to keep the audience hungry for what will come next. The action starts late at night when Sydney, a young woman working for a home security company, hits Ctrl-P to print an email with “explosive content” that was sent to her from her mysterious underground group. Thinking this email will print to her home computer, Sydney is horrified to find it has been sent to an unknown print group throughout the company. Sydney must enlist the help of her brother-in-law and second in charge of IT, Tony, to help track down and intercept all of the print jobs that have gone out before each employee finds it waiting on their home printer in the morning. The clock is ticking. If they fail, both will surely lose their jobs, but as they visit each employee’s home, secrets are revealed that could cost Sydney her life.

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Other details

Most parts will require one day of on location filming on a date yet to be determined in late Spring/Early summer in the Seattle area

Audition requirements

This will be a Zoom Audition. We will send sides for the role you are auditioning for

Character breakdown / Project needs
Tony is Sydney’s brother-in-law and works with her at Tower West Security. Tony got Sydney her job, partially to get her enough money to afford to move out of the house he shares with his wife (Sydney’s sister, Jane) and their new baby daughter. Tony is the second in charge of IT security at Tower West, and he takes his job very seriously. As an IT professional, he is analytical and takes pride in his ability to solve complicated problems. Tony loves Sydney like a sister, but he resents her inability to take her job and her life seriously. He is also a little jealous of her carefree lifestyle. He and Sydney generally have a light, easy-going and teasingly-funny relationship. His character arc sees him gradually loosening up throughout the film. As he helps Sydney, he becomes more emboldened to embrace his more daring side and use his skills to take down his crooked overbearing boss BJ.
Beverly is the head of Human Resources at Tower West Security, and she is Sydney’s boss. Beverly comes off as a little cold and all-business, but if you can thaw her outer shell she is caring and sensitive, even a little bit motherly to Sydney. She sees potential in Sydney but wishes Sydney took her job more seriously. Beverly lives alone with her cat, Mrs. Whiskers. Otherwise, it appears that her job at Tower West is the only aspect of her life that gives it meaning. However, it is hinted at, but never revealed, that Beverly has some secret skeletons in her closet.
Thaddeus James
Thaddeus James, or Mr. James as he is referred to by his employees, is the President, CEO, and founder of Tower West Security. Thaddeus comes off as a firm but fair man. He is mostly likeable, but his “holier than thou” attitude and his habit of quoting Bible verses puts many of his employees, especially Sydney, in a fearful state of feeling judged and inadequate. Sydney, with her laid-back personality and reliance on humor, feels intimidated by Thaddeus. Most of the company‘s employees become self-conscience and serious in the presence of Thaddeus. Much of Thaddeus’ religious front is to hide his dark secret that he is an alcoholic and cocaine addict. To play Thaddeus, an actor will need to pull off the well-put-together CEO as well as the degenerate drunk and high after-work-hours Thaddeus.
BJ is the head of IT Security at Tower West Security, and he is Tony’s boss. BJ would proudly describe himself as a “Red Neck Prepper.” BJ has an extensive collection of guns and survival supplies at his hunting cabin just an hour’s drive outside the city. He came to the company by forging an identity that obscured his past record of blackmailing his former employers and former fellow employees, and he has moved on to repeat this pattern in his position at Tower West. He has spent his 5 years with the company collecting information to blackmail the key employees at Tower West, especially the CEO, Thaddeus James, and the head of Human Resources, Beverly. He uses this information to collect bribes and secure his position as the head of IT. BJ hates Tony because Tony does everything by the book and has no business or private information BJ can use as blackmail. Because of this, and because he knows Tony is better at his job than he is, BJ makes Tony’s position at Tower West as unpleasant as he possibly can.
Mrs. James
Mrs. James is the wife of Thaddeus James, the President and CEO of Tower West. This is a small but important role that does not include a speaking part. This role will require comic timing to pull off well.
Tower West Employee
As a transitions between acts, there are several short scenes of a company Zoom meeting. These scenes are used as an introduction to some of the supporting characters. We are looking for a few extras to join the Zoom video meeting as Tower West Security employees. These rolls will mostly not require any speaking. The actors will be reacting to what is being said during the meeting with their microphones on mute. These roles are all on Zoom, so they will require no on-location involvement. We ask that these actors show up to the Zoom meeting dressed in Business Casual attire.
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to be determined

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Seattle Washington

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Please submit resume, head shots, and reel by email

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