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Stone Soup Theatre


About the project and the company

In 1996, Maureen Miko wanted to start a small neighborhood-oriented theatre. She found a defunct pet-grooming shop standing empty on Stone Way, walked in and saw possibilities. The street name reminded her of a favorite story about hungry, tired soldiers limping into an impoverished village where the villagers are none-too-interested in sharing their meager stores of food. One enterprising soldier fills a pot with water and tosses in a stone, saying how delicious the soup would be if someone had an onion. An onion is produced, then a carrot… Eventually, each villager brings something to the broth and soon villagers and soldiers alike sit down to a wonderful meal made all the better because everyone contributed to its creation.

Bringing together the street name and this old fable, Stone Soup Theatre was born. Here at Stone Soup, it is our philosophy that everyone – actor and audience – brings an essential ingredient to the creation of theatre and the sum is always greater than its parts. We are proud to be entering our 25th year and wish to extend our profound thanks to the devoted students, friends, and patrons who have supported us.

Job Description

Hire, train, manage, professionally develop, and evaluate teaching artists for school-year and summer teaching With Artistic Director, select appropriate class titles for school and Stone Soup performance Reach out to and maintain relationships with school administrators, parent groups, and drama programs in the Seattle area, along with individual families Schedule, coordinate, and evaluate teaching artists for after-school and in-school classes and performances Manage all aspects of SummerStage camp program, from pre-program hiring and scheduling through summer troubleshooting to post-program evaluation Reach out to and maintain relationships with other educators and arts administrators in the Seattle area Attend monthly staff meetings Attend Stone Soup classes and performances as needed for coordination and evaluation With Bookkeeper, assist in payment tracking from schools and to teaching artists With Education Coordinator, manage all aspects of education program: volunteers, scholarships, materials, marketing materials, and any others not mentioned here

Required Qualifications

Have at least three years of teaching experience (K-12, range of ages preferred) Have computer skills Be a good communicator Have good phone skills Be organized and self-motivated Have reliable transportation Have a degree in theater or education and/or related professional experience Be able to work under pressure Have problem-solving skills

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Pay Rate

Hourly, 20-30 hours/week, DOE

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Seattle WA

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Please submit resume and cover letter

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