EPA for Memoirs of a Forgotten Man, by DW Gregory

Thalia's Umbrella

About the project and the company

Thalia’s Umbrella is an AEA company in Seattle (we use both AEA and non-AEA actors). We will be using an SPT 4 contract. We will be performing in the Studio at 12th Avenue Arts.

MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN MAN, by DW Gregory, is about a man in Stalin’s Russia with a perfect memory. In a time and place where the state decides what the truth is, a perfect memory is not necessarily a safe thing to have…

Location of Audition

Seattle Center Armory, 4th floor, TPS Studio B

Other details

Sides will be emailed with appointment.

All actors will play more than one role.

BIPOC actors STRONGLY encouraged.

Audition requirements

Sides will be provided.

Character breakdown / Project needs
(M), 30s-50s. A Soviet official. Can be charming, but not above twisting arms.
(F), 40s. A psychologist with a fascinating case.
(M), 30-50. A man with an incredible memory—an innocent who becomes wiser…
(F), 50s-60s. Alexi’s mother. She does her best, but is a bit lost since the Revolution.
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

October 29-30, 2-6pm

Pay type

Contract (union or other)

Audition location

Seattle WA

Pay type

AEA: $517.50/wk. Non-AEA: $20/hr. AEA: $517.50/wk. Non-AEA: $20/hr.

Callbacks or second audition/interview?


Submission instructions

Email for appointment; please include P/R. All AEA members will be seen.

Union Requirements

Open to All

Equity Contract

Equity (AEA)