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Atelier Drieharingen


About the project and the company

In collaboration with the UW Drama department, Ian Boisvert, a writer-director (and UW alum), warmly invites Seattle actors to join a table read of his upcoming feature film, Harborview, to be filmed in Seattle later this year.
Logline: Based on a true event, Charley is a misfit college student unjustly locked in Harborview’s psych unit for dancing with geese. Rather than give in to terror and the staff’s misguided push to diagnose him, he must free his mind and in doing so grows beyond any institutional control.

Job Description

We invite any and all actors and actresses to this unpaid reading. The script has over 20 characters of all ages, 12 of whom have large speaking roles. Our reading will be held at UW Seattle on Sunday, April 23, from 3:30pm-6:30pm. For further details, please email atelierforfilms@gmail.com.

Required Qualifications

All actors and actresses are welcome to join.* *(The script, based on a true event, includes bullying, police action, and episodes in a locked psychiatric unit.)

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Seattle WA

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