Final Workshop Reading of Bounce

Browns Soul Productions


About the project and the company

Brown Soul Productions exists to provide a platform that nurtures and amplifies the voices of women of color through the development and production of new creative works.

We are doing our final workshop reading of “Bounce” by local playwright Somnia Mari Feral. Bounce is about Monica, a bi-sexual single mother who marries a newly widowed, abusive pastor of a conservative church. Monica yearns for love and stability, but she finds disappointment, drama, and heartache. Ultimately, she must learn to love herself or succumb to her life long struggle with mental illness and depression.

On July 20th at 7 PM, Brown Soul Productions will present a virtual reading of the most recent version of Somnia’s new piece.


Job Description

We need to fill the following roles: Monica: Black Woman, late 20's-early 30's Rita: Black Woman, late 20's - early 30's Gerald: Black Man, 50's Evelyn: Black Woman, 50's Donte: Black Male, late teens early 20's Glen/Vegas Waitress: Woman 30s-40s

Required Qualifications

Must be comfortable doing cold readings.

Other details

All auditions will take place via Zoom. If you are interested in auditioning for this piece please email for more information.

Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Pay Rate

$100 Honorarium

Audition location

Seattle Washington

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