Grotto-Short Film-Ballard HS Digital Film Academy, 2 Males 30 to middle aged.

Ballard High Digital Filmmaking Program

About the project and the company

Two men live in a cabin in the woods together, one becomes addicted to an unknown force in the forest and is driven to insanity, eventually being compelled to eat his roommate.

For one person we will likely only need 1-2 days to film their scenes, for the other we will need one more.

The majority of the shoots we will be inside, either in studios, or someone’s house. One day of shooting will be at the arboretum, which will likely be quite short but may be at night.

There will be one scene with a lot of fake blood and guts, let me know if you aren’t comfortable with this, we can use a double for one of the actors.


Location of Audition

Online submission

Audition requirements

To apply please send your resume and a video audition. For the video audition act out one of the following scenarios. Since the film won't have dialogue you don't have to speak, but you can if you would like to. Feel free to get creative with it! Think about your favorite film. Change the ending. Two male characters enter a seemingly deserted building. Shortly after the building explodes. The two characters are seen fleeing the crime scene. 3 .A person is in his study. The shelves are stacked with books, old maps, and globes. The person is writing on a parchment using his quill. He seems apprehensive. He takes a small knife he uses for opening his letters and he runs the tip of the blade through the candle flame. Then, he makes a small cut and a few blood drops fall on the table. He dips the quill in the blood and as he gets prepared to sign his name at the bottom of the page, black letters spontaneously appear on his arm. A dinner scene. A large dining table, with different kinds of food and expensive cutlery. The guests are well-dressed and well-rehearsed in etiquette. A senior member of the family announces a change in his will. Everybody on the table is horrified.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Male, 30 to middle aged
One man 30 to middle aged who looks like he could live in the woods, all ethnicities encouraged to submit.
Male, 30 to middle aged
One man 30 to middle aged who can look unhinged and looks like he lives in the woods, All ethnicities.
Additional information
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Audition location

Seattle WA

Submission instructions

Send a Headshot, Resume, and a recording of one of the scenarios

Union Requirements

Open to All

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