In the Water - Short Film

About the project and the company

In the Water is a short film about childhood trauma and how it revisits us in our early adult life. A drama with elements of comedy intertwined, Matt, a 17-year-old on the precipice of adulthood, finds himself at a high school party in a room alone with Tabitha, a crush from school. What starts as an awkward expression of teen intimacy evolves into a profound moment when Matt begins to recall a haunting trauma from his childhood. In this moment of vulnerability, Matt builds a special bond with Tabitha that begins to heal the wounds from his past.

The short is written and directed by Drew Highlands
Produced by Wes Hurley



Audition requirements

Please do not send a submission if you have conflicts filming on June 12th and 13th.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Character age 17/18 (talent must be over 18). Matt is a 17-year-old who hasn’t quite figured out social interactions yet. Matt has survived high school by trying to fit in. Matt shouldn’t appear as someone who’s on the outside of popular circles. Playing sports and going to parties, Matt is a teenager who struggles with the navigation of social interactions, but his flirtation towards Tabitha is unforced and comes from a place of true connection. *Please note that this character will be seen shirtless and in their underwear in the film. Absolutely no nudity will be shown.
Character age 18 (talent must be over 18). 18-years-old and confident, Tabitha is smart and understands the dynamics of the modern high school world. She navigates any social interaction with ease. Tabitha likes Matt and sees that he’s not like the other guys she’s met. His feelings for her a genuine and she knows it. *Please note that this character will be seen in her bra and underwear. Absolutely no nudity will be shown
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Seattle WA

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$125.00 daily $125.00 daily

Submission instructions

Initial auditions will be self-tapes with callbacks happening over Zoom later in April. Please email us with the character you would like to read for and we will send sides along with self-tape/submission instructions.

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