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About the project and the company

Casting “Miss You Like Hell,” a musical about our vibrant and diverse country. Seeking to assemble a diverse company of actors, to reflect that truth onstage, with strong voices who march to their own drummer. Synopsis: When a teenage girl agrees to take a road trip with her free-spirited Latina mother, neither can imagine where it will take them. Chance encounters with a medley of characters along the way brings them closer to understanding what sets them apart — and what connects them forever. The people they meet on their journey are as diverse and eclectic as is America, and through these meetings, and the formation of bonds with “strangers”, they explore the love and frustration of both being, and creating, family in a changing country.

Location of Audition

ArtsWest 4711 California Ave. SW Seattle, WA 98119

Other details


We are seeking an ensemble representative of the world we live in for the musical MISS YOU LIKE HELL, by Quiara Alegría Hudes at ARTSWEST, directed by Arlene Martínez-Vázquez.

Rehearsals: May 11 - June 12, 2020 (Tues-Fri, 6:30pm - 10:30pm; Sat-Sun, 11am-4pm)
Tech Week: June 13 - 17, 2020
Opening/Run: June 18 - July 26, 2020

*While best efforts will be made to only call actors when they are actively needed in rehearsal, please note this is an ensemble-heavy show, so all actors should expect to be called for 75% or more of the allotted rehearsal time.

$15/hour for all performances and rehearsals

Dec 17 - 10am - 6pm
Dec 18 - 10am - 3pm; 6pm - 10pm
Dec 19 - Callbacks as needed, 10am-10pm

Please come prepared with a 2 minute monologue and 32 bars of a song in the style of the show. An accompanist will be provided.

This is a musical, so singing is required for every part. Choreography for this production will be movement/story-telling-based and can be easily adapted for people of different abilities.

Actors of all genders and gender expressions are encouraged to audition for whichever role(s) they identify the most with. Actors with disabilities are encouraged to audition.

Please know we seek to cast this show with authenticity and encourage actors to audition to ethnically-specific roles only if they identify with the specified race or ethnicity.

For adult actors 18+, we welcome AEA, EMC and Non-Equity Actors to participate.

BEATRIZ, Female, 36-44 years old, Latina. Olivia’s mom.
BEATRIZ is a complex woman with a big personality, raw honesty, and a talent to talk to strangers and make new friends. BEATRIZ can be the life of the party wherever she is at, but is also a vulnerable, fiercely loving woman. The actor playing Beatriz must have excellent comedic timing, be fearless in their choice-making while also portray groundedness and softness. BEATRIZ is a first generation immigrant and speaks some Spanish in the play.

OLIVIA, Female, 16 years old, half-Latina. Beatriz’s daughter.
OLIVIA is a lonely teenager trying to find herself and her tribe. She has a fraught relationship with Beatriz and in many ways, behaves like the mother of the relationship. Like most teenagers, OLIVIA challenges Beatriz and pushes her away, but all she wants is for Beatriz to fight for her.

PEARL, Female, 16 years old, Black or African American
PEARL is Olivia’s most loyal follower of her online blog. She is loyal, helpful, committed and daring. She speaks her mind and is truly concerned about Olivia’s well-being.

MO/ HIGGINS, Male, 65+ years old, Southern
MO and HIGGINS are a good natured, friendly couple who are travelling the country to marry in every state. They are quick to befriend, help and protect those they meet on the road, as they learn they might be in trouble.

MANUEL, male, Latino, 30-50 years old.
MANUEL is a first generation immigrant, hard-working, loving, resilient, stubborn. His first language is Spanish and speaks English with an accent.

ENSEMBLE, all genders, races/ethnicities, abilities, ages and body-types (4 parts)
The ENSEMBLE will play smaller roles such as ‘Lawyer, Clerk, Hotel Desk Clerk, Officer, etc’ There are also multiple ensemble numbers and they will also assist the production transition between scenes.

Please email to secure an audition slot and please indicate your availability within the timeframes listed below:
Dec 17 - 10am - 6pm
Dec 18 - 10am - 3pm; 6pm - 10pm
Dec 19 - Callbacks as needed, 10am-10pm

Audition requirements

Please come prepared with a 2 minute monologue and 32 bars of a song in the style of the show. An accompanist will be provided.

Additional information
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Audition/Interview dates

Dec 17 - 10am - 6pm; Dec 18 - 10am - 3pm; 6pm - 10pm; Dec 19 - Callbacks as needed, 10am-10pm

Pay type


Audition location

Seattle WA

Pay type

$15/hour Non-Equity; AEA Special Appearance Contract $15/hour Non-Equity; AEA Special Appearance Contract

Submission instructions

Please email to secure an audition slot.

Union Requirements

Open to All

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Equity (AEA)