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About the project and the company

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., is the world’s largest provider of globalization solutions and one of Forbes 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America. Founded in 1996, the company offers a range of services and employment options, including 6,000+ employees in 27 countries, and 500,000+ working from home. Lionbridge received three awards in 2018 for creating an inclusive and diverse workforce (Forbes: America’s Best Large Employers, America’s Best Employers for Women; FlexJobs Top 3 Companies Hiring for flexible jobs in 2018).

Job Description

Movement Capture Project Our Lionbridge Research Study aims to enhance human movement recognition. Participants will be video recorded performing basic movements, such as walking, sitting, and standing up. Minors are required to be accompanied by either a parent or guardian. The study will take no longer than 1 hour to complete. The Compensation for the study is $100 for adults and $150 for minors. Please note that we are also offering an additional $20 referral bonus for each person you bring into the study, who also completes the study.

Required Qualifications

Project needs: Group 1 Age: all ages (children from 5 yrs to seniors). Males and females: African American. Group 2 Age: Seniors 60+ Males and females: South Asians. Group 3 Age: Seniors 60+ Males and females: Middle Easterners

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Georgetown, Seattle Washington

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