"Juliett Shoots the Moon" Script reading for Author

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The project is an author reading of a new play “Juliet Shoots the Moon” written by local playwright, David Risser. The script has gone through a number of revisions. The playwright is seeking to take it to the next level to hear the script in a reading.


Juliette Morgan, born into privileged white society in Montgomery, Alabama, has her life prescribed for her: revere the traditions, smile sweetly and play by the rules. But Juliette is sickened by how her own people keep their place by keeping black people in theirs, and she decides to act. Her willingness to stand up puts her in conflict with her own nature, her mother and her society, leading to appalling ostracism, violence and her downfall. The story illuminates the extraordinary ordinary people – the people like us, black and white – whose doubts, sorrows and joys are missing from the distillation of the bus boycott history to “tired seamstress” Rosa and “savior” Martin. It speaks to us now by pointedly portraying racism that persists today and by issuing an uplifting call for comfortable people to act.

We are seeking 12 actors for a script reading. Cast is racially diverse. Please submit a photo and resume. Reading will occur in January.

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Zoom auditions may take place in March. Seeking appropriate casting for this reading.

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Seattle WA

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Please submit a photo and resume

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