Kringles Filling Station

Kringles Filling Station

About the project and the company

Kringle’s Filling Station is a site specific immersive attraction for Christmas, themed around an old time filling station. It has a photo op with a Santa Claus-like character working in the garage on the sleigh (which has been converted from a 1972 VW Thing), gas pumps that dispense hot chocolate,  a garage with Christmas Ski ball, Christmas Karaoke, and other photo ops and entertainment. It’s meant to be a thirty minute to one hour family experience, great for doing on your way home from getting your Christmas tree or while you are driving around Seattle looking at Christmas lights. At face value it will have all the Christmas tropes of your standard holiday event.  However, for guests who are looking deeper, there is a sneaky, rich and fun alternative Christmas narrative that exists in the details of the design of the experience, waiting to be discovered. Plus the whole vibe is a little counter culture and very Seattle.

All roles are open, and actors who identify as BIPOC and/or part of the LGBTQI+ community are encouraged to apply.

Note: King County requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test at this establishment and Kringles Filling Station will be following all King County guidance related to COVID-19, requiring vaccination proof and masks for entry.


Virtual auditions to be held November 13th + 14th from 10am – 4pm via Zoom. Click here to book your audition time. If not available for one of the available slots, please email for alternate options.

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Other details

Kringles Filling Station will operate from November 26 - December 24. All roles will be double cast to allow for seven day a week operation. Generally it will be open to the public Monday - Friday, 5pm - 10pm, Saturday / Sunday Noon - 10pm.

Audition requirements

Please come prepared to improv as Otis or Sparky Kringle or a member of the Kringle Family. Some example prompts would be: 1. Please greet a “family” in character, introduce yourself 2. Please Answer some of the following questions: How do you deliver all those toys? Why aren’t you at the North Pole right now? Is this place a real gas station? What’s a Kringle? 3. Convince me that you might actually be from the North Pole while denying it.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Otis Kringle
Otis (Male, 50+) is an especially gifted mechanic, back in the day he kept the sleighs in perfect and precise working order. He also has a need for speed. His modifications helped the sleigh break the sound barrier before Chuck Yeager was even born. He is neat as a pin, exacting and precise in all he does with an attention to detail and accuracy. He is measured in thought, deed and word, always ready with sage advice or a kind word. He is the more pragmatic of the pair in all matters.
Sparky Kringle
Sparky (Male, 50+) is a free spirit, wildly creative and inventive with a knack for reimagining everything and engineering how to build it. A little sloppy and absent minded, he doesn’t always stay on task or meet his deadlines, but his inventions are usually worth the wait. There are no limits to Sparky’s imagination and he is relentlessly positive. A free spirit and eternal optimist, Sparky always has words of encouragement, an open mind, and good vibes to share with whoever he meets.
Kringle Family Members
All genders, 16+ Combination of performing and operational responsibilities (guiding guests through the Kringles Shop, Garage and Retail. Extended members of the Kringle family. Each actor is encouraged to develop a unique Kringle character with their own family history. This family has spent their lives living and working together, their relationship is built on trust and respect. They see being different as a strength, enabling their family to work as a team where everyone has a unique part to play.
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Virtual auditions to be held November 13th + 14th from 10am - 4pm via Zoom Click here to book your audition time. If not available for one of the available slots, please email for alternate options.

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Seattle WA

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$20-$30/hr $20-$30/hr

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Please schedule a Zoom audition via

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