Looking for Actors for a Music Video.

Ballard High School


About the project and the company

This is a music video about a woman whose mother killed herself. The woman struggles with her past, and returns to the place her mother committed suicide, wondering if she wants to follow her mother’s path. As we are high school students, we are unable to offer compensation, but meals and snacks will be provided during shooting.

Job Description

A 1 to 2 day shoot, that requires being able to swim, withstand 10-30 secs underwater, and walking while being filmed. A trained life guard will be on set. The majority of the crew are water safe and trained. Emotional range should be capable of capturing sadness, numbness, anger, and relief.

Required Qualifications

We need a woman, looking anywhere from 18-28, with and light brown to medium brown hair. Actor needs to be able to swim, as we will be shooting in the ocean, and blankets and hot cocoa will be provided.

Desired Qualifications

Blue eyes preferred, but not required.

Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Pay Rate

As we are high school students, we cannot provide pay, but snacks and meals will be provided during shooting.

Audition location

Seattle Washington

Submission instructions

Please submit a headshot to the email address listed above

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