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Valour Designs / Frighthouse Station

About the project and the company

Frighthouse Station is Tacoma, WA’s ultimate haunted attraction, a seasonal haunted event running for 17 nights from 9/30/22 until November 5. This is our fifth season.

We are looking for A) a lead actress, preferably 21+ with strong improve and crowd management skills and B) actors 17+ who can serve as cast members of our attraction. Work is on Thurs-Sat nights from 5:30-10:30/11:30pm during event dates. Makeup and costuming provided.

Location of Audition

Frighthouse Station, 626 E. 25th Street, Tacoma, WA 98421 - email in advance to schedule an appointment.

Audition requirements

For Lead Actress: 21+ years old, very strong improv skills and working directly with guests, as you serve as a character in the Lovecraftian story while managing groups as they start their walkthrough of the event. Stamina, endurance, humor, collaborative spirit and creative thinking needed. For haunt actors: 17+ years old, skills in improv and audience interaction (or basic theater skills). Flexibility, stamina, and willingness to take direction needed, as we often workshop the roles and change them up based on guest feedback. Warning: Scaring people can be addictive.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Dr. Virginia Bryant
Serves as a primary "lore actors" to entertain and inform guests waiting in line to enter our haunted attraction. She is a 1930s-era marine scientist investigation a Lovecraftian event in a small fishing village. She has gone mad in the process. This character will be separating visitors into smaller groups, pacing them out every minute or so, all while staying in character. We need someone with improv, enthusiasm, endurance, crowd management skills to attend every night to help every guest start their visit with a realistic, themed experience. An excellent chance to improve your interaction skills!
Haunt Actors, Various
You'll need the stamina, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit to get a costume, makeup, and portray a fiend in an interactive Lovecraftian walkthrough story. We will train you on character roles, fear techniques, and safety, as you will interact with every guest walking through the event.
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

By appointment

Pay type


Audition location

Tacoma Washington

Pay type

$90/night for Lead, $75/night for scare actors $90/night for Lead, $75/night for scare actors

Submission instructions

Email us to schedule a time to visit the site to see if our interests are a good fit.

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