Looking to Feature Regional Singers

Sheno Voice and Media

About the project and the company

Audio and video production company with newly opened studio in Seattle looking to feature the work of exceptionally talented vocalists.

You can have your demo reel, audition cut, a cover song, an original, or something else produced for free. In turn, we will feature your work in our newsletter, blog, and other promotional materials.

How it works:

Singers will be given three hours of recording and mixing services for free in exchange for rights to use the content in our newsletter, blog, and promotional materials. If they have already mastered the performance of a song, three hours is plenty of time. On the other hand, if there is a song that you are struggling with, or if you are not confident in your performance capacity, up to 10 additional studio hours or vocal coaching will be made available at a discount. ($25/hr vocal coaching and $20/hr for studio time). These rates are not available to the public and are strictly part of this program.

That said, if you know a song forward and backward, you will be able to do what most people can’t: record in one take, meaning you may only be needed for as little as 5 minutes. In our experience, most musical theater people who have a studied repertoire are able to do this. If you can, you may use your remaining time to record additional material.

We will let you know in advance how to come prepared.



Audition requirements

Looking for exceptional voices and highly ambitious people who we can promote. We would love to work with anyone who has written original material, though it is not at all necessary (simply a plus).

Additional information
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Audition location

Seattle Washington

Submission instructions

Include two audio video samples of you performing something contemporary: one from musical theater one from billboard 100. Ideally, the songs you submit are also the ones you want to record.f you have written original material, include that as well.

Union Requirements

Open to All

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