Madaling Sabihin - Staged Reading

About the project and the company

Hello! In this time of social distancing, I’m looking for actors to be virtual (for now) collaborators on a new play that I’ve written and want to workshop! Assuming the world returns to some kind of normality by mid summer, I’m planning on directing a staged reading in mid-July in Seattle, location TBD. The goal is to have this be a 1 week rehearsal process with 2 nights of public readings for which you will be paid a stipend. Until then, we have FaceTime and Google Docs! More than anything, I’m looking for actors who are looking to help in the possible long term development of this piece.

A little about the play:
“Madaling Sabihin or Easier Said” is the story of a Filipinx family who is thrown into chaos as the father, Danilo, falls ill. As his condition worsens, the family’s personal dysfunctions intensify and long hidden secrets are brought to light. We follow them through fall out and denial, deep rooted family behaviors and resentments, and approaching healing.
This play has Tagalog in it, speaking the language fluently is not a requirement, especially considering that I’m a very beginner student of it myself. Anyone who is able to lend a hand with translations would be invaluable and would receive proper credit if this were to be published.
My vision for this narrative also includes exploratory movement work, so if you’re a fan of that kind of collaboration, this is the project for you!

Please contact me with any questions!

Location of Audition

Online. See auditions requirements for submission.

Audition requirements

Please record a 1-2 minute monologue from a contemporary play. No classical please. Please submit as a Youtube link or Google Drive link.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Filipinx, comfortable with she/her pronouns; The baby of the family. She has good intentions and always wants to help but can get frustrated easily, strong willed and proud. (pronounced suh-RAY); 35 years old. *(An offer is out on this role.)
Filipinx, comfortable with he/him pronouns; The middle child, peacekeeper, in limbo, holding the world together by his fingertips, smiles until he can't; 37 years old.
Filipinx, comfortable with he/him pronouns; The oldest sibling, blue collar to the bone, arrogant and distracted, has a constant need to act like the oldest and be seen as the most responsible. He can be distant.; 40 years old.
Filipinx, comfortable with she/her pronouns; The mother, matriarch to the fullest, stubborn, a rock; 63 years old.
Filipinx, comfortable with she/her pronouns; Sensible and gentle but strong, determined; 30 years old. (pronounced MEE-rah)
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

Open until June 1st

Pay type


Audition location

Seattle WA

Pay type

$50 $50

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

As needed

Submission instructions

Submit by email to along with your headshot and resume. Please also include in the body of the email a little about yourself, including your pronouns and any experience you have with devising work. The deadline to submit is June 1st

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