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Seattle, WA, March 4 – 27, 2021 Make Believe


Theresa Wingert and Jana Brevick are co-directing a film at Soil. They will be taking a journey through sets and story, asking their main character to find satisfaction.

What is it to feel satisfied? What does it take to get it? Why do we need it? How do you find it? What are the most satisfying places and things and feelings; what leaves one dissatisfied? What is true contentment? What is enough? What is gratification? What is fulfillment?

Featuring: Loren Othón

Be in our film!!

Anyone can take part in the film following our prompts with their phone! Perform the prompts at the gallery through our recording studio installation, or the same prompt can be found on the film website. Follow us on Instagram @soilart

These audio and video prompts will change throughout the month, at least every two days. Twelve opportunities to take part at the gallery will be available during open hours:

First Thursday, March 4th, 6-8pm

Fri-Sun 11-4 in March

Additional online-only prompts will be released on days the gallery is closed. Stay tuned! Prompts will be archived so you can access past action after they post.

A film crew member will be on set to facilitate your acting experience. Covid safety protocols must be followed and all information regarding this and the prompts will be available on set.

Location of Audition

Online: or at Soil Gallery, 112 S 3rd Ave, Seattle 98104

Other details

Gallery hours:
Friday - Sunday 11-4pm
The prompts are online and are to be submitted via your phone. You can record at the built in space at the gallery throughout the month, or in your own environment.

Audition requirements

We are accepting submissions, both audio and video, from the general public. We will do our best to accommodate all in the editing of the final project. Thank you!

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Seattle WA

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