Merely Players by Katherine Gwynn

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All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players — but what does it mean to play? Rosalind is in the midst of her epilogue from As You Like It when the spotlight is interrupted by Phebe; Phebe, the lowly shepherd girl who fell in love with Rosalind in drag as Ganymede. Over the course of a single night, Phebe wanders the forest of Arden, raising questions about sexuality, sonnets, gender, violence, dead deer, and love. And, perhaps, discovering what being a player — and being free — really means.

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Performances October 28-30, November 4-6, 11-13 in Seattle November 19-21 Bellingham at the Sylvia Arts Center

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Comedy Shakespeare monologue Submit online a recorded audition

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casting Celia/Jacques
PHEBE – A shepherdess in the Forest of Arden. Incisive. To be played by a young woman. ORLANDO – A lord, married to ROSALIND. Artless. To be played by the same actor that plays PHEBE. ROSALIND – A lady of the court, cousin of CELIA. Artful. To be played by a young woman. SILVIUS – A shepherd boy in Arden, married to PHEBE. Hungry. To be played by the same actor that plays ROSALIND. CELIA – A lady of the court, cousin to ROSALIND, married to Oliver. Keen. To be played by a young woman. JACQUES – Gentlemen of ROSALIND’s father’s court. Shrewd. To be played by the same actor that plays CELIA.
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August 1-15

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Seattle Washington

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$250.00 plus box office share $250.00 plus box office share

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picture and resume

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