Obsidian The Origin

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Synopsis: A group of strangers traveling on a plane from New York to Europe in the (1960s) suddenly crash on an Island in the middle of the Atlantic. Upon waking up, they are faced with hostility from the Melanesians, and an abnormal virus.  As the virus grows stronger, it spreads faster, and the strangers must quickly find a way to work together in order to figure out a way off the Island before they too become part of the infected.

Audition requirements

Self Tape

Character breakdown / Project needs
African American, African, Black Indigenous. 30-50 Yrs old Woman
Kepa Kai is the Chief of the Melanesian Tribe. She is fierce, fearless, and selfless and puts the Tribe as the main priority before anything else.
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Self tape Washington

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100 100

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Chemistry Read

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We want a self tape of the attached sides. Please do one take in english and another in the indigenous language it does not have to be perfect. Please send self tapes to @mgwbrothers@gmail.com Thank you.

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