Once on this Island at Village Theatre - OPEN CALL

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About the project and the company


ONCE ON THIS ISLAND at Village Theatre

Directed by Ameenah Kaplan (Disney’s The Lion King)

Choreographed by Donald Byrd (Broadway’s The Color Purple)

Music Directed by S. Renee Clark (5th Ave’s The Wiz)



Monday, October 2 4pm-8pm

Theater Puget Sound – Studio C

(4th floor of the Seattle Center Armory)


Village Theatre is holding an open call for adults 18 and over for all roles in Once on this Island. Please bring piano sheet music for a verse and chorus of a song. An accompanist will be provided.


SEEKING: Black performers 18+ of all colors with strong voices who move well for all roles in the musical Once on this Island.



Principal or Supporting Role in a Musical (AEA Contracts): $950/wk

(Please note that non-AEA actors playing Principal roles will be on an AEA contract – joining AEA is not required)


External Understudy (NON-AEA Contracts): $850/wk for rehearsals, $425/wk on call, $75/performance, $17.50/hr post-opening rehearsal rate



Issaquah rehearsals/performances: April 9, 2024-June 16, 2024

Everett performances: June 21-July 21, 2024

**this production rehearses in Issaquah and then has performances in both Issaquah and Everett**



  • Piano sheet music for a verse and chorus of a song
  • Headshot or photo
  • Resume


To schedule an appointment please email amatoba@villagetheatre.org

Location of Audition

Theater Puget Sound Studio C (4th floor of the Seattle Center Armory)

Other details

NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR: Once on this Island originally premiered Off-Broadway in 1990 and has had many different iterations on Broadway and across the country. While the text has since been adapted so that the show was more widely producible by high schools, youth theatres, community theatres and otherwise, our production will be using the original script and text which focuses the main conflict of the story around colorism on a Caribbean island as told by the original novella “My Love, My Love,” by Rosa Guy. While there are specific racial requirements for particular characters, this production will allow for every spectrum of Black in the diaspora. We will use all the beautiful colors of Blackness to tell this story of resilience, forgiveness and the power of storytelling and community including Black, Afro-Latino, Afro-Dominican, Afro- Caribbean, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Puerto Rican, mixed, etc. I am looking for strong actor-singer- movers who bring extraordinary joy, nuance, and depth to their passion for storytelling.

As Once on this Island is an ensemble-driven show, all characters also play storytellers and
tell the story together as an act of community. Much of the cast is onstage for the majority of the show.

On gender: The pronouns reflect those of the characters not the actors playing them. We encourage you to come as you are and if you would like to be seen for a different role please check with casting.

Audition requirements

Please prepare a verse and chorus of a song and provide piano sheet music. Also bring a current headshot/photo and resume.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Ti Moune
She/her. Black. Our story's protagonist. A spirited, energetic and optimistic peasant girl. She has much curiosity, earnest and romantic about all creatures. Attempts to dismantle social barriers to be with Daniel. Moves well. Age: 18-25 Vocal range: belting mezzo soprano, G3-E5
Mama Euralie
She/her. Black. Ti Moune's adoptive mother. She is loving, strong-willed, devoted, caring, over- protective, superstitious, and suspicious of the world outside her village. Age: 30s to 50s Vocal range top: alto, Gb3-B4
Tonton Julian
He/him. Black. Ti Moune's adoptive father. Practical but deeply loving, he has a sincere optimism teaching that love knows no bounds and is won over by his daughter. Age: 30s-50s Vocal range top: baritone, A2-E4
He/him. Black. Ti Moune’s love interest. A poetic and sensitive young man from the aristocratic part of the island. He struggles with the inherent expectations of his higher social class and the privilege that comes along with his lighter skin and wealth. Age: 18- 25 Vocal range top: baritenor, C#3-F#4
Armand/Monsieur Beauxhomme
He/him. Black. Plays the Father of Daniel (Monsieur Beauxhomme) and the original white colonizer of the island (Armand) in stylized fashion. As Monsieur Beauxhomme, he is a member of the aristocratic side of the island, hews closely to the social barriers of the island, and reaps the benefits of his lighter skin. Age: 30s-50s Vocal range: baritone
She/her. Black. Daniel’s betrothed. Enjoys the privileges of light skinned society and accepts the benefits it provides. Age: 20s Vocal range: strong soprano
Papa Ge
Age: 30s to 50s Black. Demon of Death. Proud, sly, cynical, manipulative, and seductive. The main instigator in Ti Moune’s journey and feared by the people of her village. Vocal range: tenor C3-G4
She/her. Black. Mother of the Earth. A caring and nurturing guide and mentor to Ti Moune. Boisterous and full of life. Strong, high belt. Age: 30s to 50s Vocal range: soprano w/ high belt A3-E5
Black. God of Water. Strong, clever, and compassionate. Mysterious and captivating, has a voice as booming as the ocean. Age: 30s to 50s Vocal range: baritone, B2-E4
She/her. Black. Goddess of Love. A mentor to Ti Moune and foil to Papa Ge. Beautiful, sympathetic and elegant, beloved by the people with a strong belief in the power of the human heart. Age: 30s to 50s Vocal range: mezzo soprano, A3-C#5
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

October 2, 4pm-8pm

Pay type

Contract (union or other)

Audition location

Seattle WA

Pay type

PRINCIPALS: $950/wk. EXTERNAL UNDERSTUDIES: $850/wk for rehearsals, $425/wk on call, $75/performance, $17.50/hr post-opening rehearsal rate PRINCIPALS: $950/wk. EXTERNAL UNDERSTUDIES: $850/wk for rehearsals, $425/wk on call, $75/performance, $17.50/hr post-opening rehearsal rate

Submission instructions

Email amatoba@villagetheatre.org for an audition slot

Union Requirements

Open to All

Equity Contract

Equity (AEA)