Once Upon A Mattress

Red Curtain Foundation for the Arts

About the project and the company

Red Curtain announces auditions for “Once Upon a Mattress,” directed by Scott B Randall.

In a faraway kingdom, long ago, dear King Sextimus has been cursed to be mute, and his terror-of-a-wife, Queen Aggravain, has taken over control of the kingdom. In an attempt to keep their son, Prince Dauntless, single, she has decreed that only a true princess—one that can pass her “purity” test—may marry her son. Nor can anyone else in the kingdom marry until the Prince does. The other nobles are extremely troubled by this decree, especially Lady Larken and Sir Harry, as they are expecting a baby.

Luckily, Sir Harry is able to find an amazing yet unconventional princess, Winnifred the Woebegone. She instantly catches the attention of Prince Dauntless, and in the end, is able to pass the Queen’s supposedly impassable sensitivity test. Based on the fairy tale, “The Princess and the Pea,” Mary Rodger’s classic Once Upon A Mattress is a delightful musical that has become a fan favorite in theatres everywhere!

Red Curtain is a non-profit community theatre. There is no pay offered for actors.

Location of Audition

Red Curtain Arts Center 9315 State Ave #J Marysville In the same shopping center as Goodwill. Our entrance is around back, behind the cosmetology school

Audition requirements

Please bring a two-minute comedic monologue and 16-32 bars of music. Actors should provide sheet music or bring an accompaniment track with no vocals (we will have a speaker and aux cord, you must supply a dongle, if needed).

Character breakdown / Project needs
Queen Aggravain
The tyrannical head of state who has a questionably close relationship with her son, Dauntless. She has decreed that no one in the kingdom shall marry until her son does. Overbearing, volatile, and self-absorbed.
Princess Winnifred
Princess of the swampland, and the kingdom's last hope to be Dauntless's bride, allowing everyone else to be married. Socially awkward, clumsy, and endearing.
Prince Dauntless
Only son of Sextimus and Aggravain. he is a complete momma's boy. May be played dim, dull, or any of a number of ways. He is doted on by his mother.
King Sextimus
Cursed to not be able to speak, Sextimus has a kind, kingly heart. He is extremely expressive through body language and facial expression.
The Minstrel
The narrator of the story. An outsider who finds himself in the kingdom on the eve of Fred's arrival.
The Wizard
The Queen's accomplice in her plot to keep Dauntless from marrying. May be played as a bumbler, or as an impressive wizard--actors with experience in magic tricks encouraged to audition.
The Jester
Agile and full of energy. Has a passion for show business and the “good old days” His loyalty lies with his friends, the King & the Minstrel.
Lady Larken
A classical beauty, graceful and charming and in love with Sir Harry. Unfortunately, she is also pregnant with his child, and needs to be married quickly.
Sir Harry
Handsome and pompous, and a bit of a "stuffed shirt." Chivalrous and brave. A mix of Dudley Do Right and Sir Lancelot
Princess #12
One of the princesses hoping to marry Dauntless
Sir Studley
A knight in Aggravain's court. One of many knights anxious for Dauntless to marry so he can marry his wife-to-be
Sir Luce
A knight in Aggravain's court.
Lady Rowena
A Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Aggravain. One of many anxious for Dauntless to marry so she can marry her knight.
Lady Merrill
A Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Aggravain.
Lady Lucille
A Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Aggravain.
Lady Mabelle
A Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Aggravain.
A chambermaid
Kitchen Wench
Is pursued by King Sextimus around the castle in his lustful fits.
Various knights, ladies, and subjects of the palace.
Additional information
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Audition/Interview dates

March 17 and 18, 2020

Pay type


Audition location

Marysville WA

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

As needed, TBA

Submission instructions

Submit online at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A054BA4AD2FABFA7-auditions

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