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Reboot Theatre Company’s mission is to test new interpretations of established works through nontraditional casting, design, and methods yet to be discovered. For our ninth production, we will be producing PETER AND THE STARCATCHER, directed by Riley Gene (they/them) and music directed by Kate Falconer (she/her).


Peter and the Starcatcher upends the century-old tale of how a miserable orphan comes to make friends, claim a name of his own, and eventually embody who he is, Peter Pan. On his journey, he encounters Molly, a young starcatcher, who sees something in him that makes her question what she wants to be.


The playwright originally chose to highlight women’s oppression by casting an entirely cis-male cast with the exception of one woman. This production will dig deeper into gender expression, exploring stories of queer awakening through the joy of youth, the struggles of isolation, and the transformation that takes place when you step into who you are.


We are seeking LGBTQIA+ actors of all ages and backgrounds for this heartfelt and hilarious play with music


10am-1pm Saturday, April 22nd at Yaw Theater (6520 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108)
10am-5pm Sunday, April 23rd at Yaw Theater (6520 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108)
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Callbacks are by invitation only and will be held on Saturday, April 29th.
You will be given a small musical side to learn as well as character-specific sides with additional instructions depending on the role.


Rehearsals: 6-9pm Tues-Fri and 10-2pm Saturdays beginning July 25, 2023. Location TBA
Tech: August 28-Sept 7, 2023 at Theatre Off Jackson
Performances: September 8-23, 2023 at Theatre Off Jackson




Everyone is welcome to audition for any character regardless of gender. BOY must be played by a trans person. There will be 12 tracks in this show — some roles will doubled. We will also be hiring three understudies. *The role of Molly has been cast.



BOY (PETER): is a young trans man who knows who he is but must embark on a journey of self-love to be able to step into his role as a leader and mentor. He is bold, jaded, and deeply curious.
TEACHER: is normally a mermaid who is the only bastion of pure good in the show. Instead of letting an outside “sage” help solve their problems, Teacher is Boy’s inner conscience played by Boy’s shadow.


PRENTISS: is an insecure young person who lashes out when overshadowed. He is smart, controlling, and loves deeply at his core.


TED: is likely the only character in the show that really loves himself from the get-go. The others don’t exactly know how to engage with that, so he is often the butt of the joke. He is carefree, loyal, and optimistic.


LORD ASTER: is Molly’s father first and a starcatcher second. His deep love for Molly and need to protect her drives him to make some questionable parenting decisions. He is genuinely afraid of what starstuff can do.


MRS. BUMBRAKE: is the epitome of binary womanhood. She has loved Molly dearly and wants to tutor her in how to be a better version of herself. Bumbrake is this play’s equivalent of Miss Universe. Think bio-queen, her idea of what it means to be a woman should be oppressive by her mere presence. This track will also play a pirate.


CAPTAIN SCOTT: must be the most important person on stage… the two or three times he is there.


GREMPKIN: is an abuser. He brings the darkness into the play and sets the tone of what the orphans must break away from. He is cruel, takes control, and underneath it all is sad. He should not have any redeeming qualities.

PRAWN: is the ruler of Mollusk Island. He knows the danger of colonizers and is unwilling to let them bring harm to his people. He likes to have a good time.


BILL SLANK: was an orphan too. He is the cautionary tale of what can happen to a person who never gets to be fully himself and be celebrated. Bill needs the starstuff. I don’t think he knows why he needs it.

CLAM: is the dejected son of Prawn. He really wants to be good enough for his dad.


ALF: is a person callused by the sea and still operates from a place of compassion. Alf should be the antithesis of Bumbrake. Everything she stands for is foiled by Alf, and they are perfect magnets.


BLACK STACHE: is THE pirate captain and everything to the crew – the symbol of absolute freedom. He is genuinely hilarious and genuinely terrifying.


SMEE: is the right hand to the captain and a willing participant in the way he is treated. There are many reasons why he may serve the Stache, but this is true: Stache is everything to Smee.

Location of Audition

Yaw Theater, 6520 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108

Audition requirements

For auditions, please prepare one of the monologues from the show (link below!). In the room, you will be asked to perform the monologue, and, time depending, may be asked to make an adjustment. You do not need to be memorized, but please be familiar with it! Please bring a recent photo or headshot and a resume to the audition.

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Audition/Interview dates

Saturday, April 22nd and Sunday, April 23rd. Callbacks on Saturday April 29th.

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Seattle WA

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$275 $275

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Callbacks will be by invitation only on Saturday, April 29th.

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