Production and Set Construction Manager (PSCM) for "In the Heights"

civic light opera association (dba seattle musical theatre)


About the project and the company

Seattle Musical Theatre is producing “In the Heights” at The Cornish Playhouse in June, 2022.  Set load-in is scheduled for May 17th.

Job Description

PSCM is responsible for the coordination of the set from shop to storage to theatre and assisting with assembling and disassembling the set at strike. SMT is also looking to fill the PCSM on an ongoing basis: Position Description Production and Set Construction Manager (PSCM) The PSCM is an independent contractor reporting to the board of directors with technical duties and responsibilities including: • Assist with contracting and oversee the work of set builders; • Maintain the production calendar, scheduling, and production load-in/load-out; • Guide all design teams through the design process to guarantee the timely completion of all designs; • Contract and supervise production staff carpenters, painters, scenic designers, stage managers, production assistants, wardrobe personnel, and running crew; • Facilitate clear communications throughout the production process, and act as a liaison between directors, designers, stage managers, and production and administrative staff; • Coordinate and conduct all design and production meetings, attend designer run, technical rehearsals, and previews as necessary. Maintain department contact information and show rosters; • Ensure company compliance with all union rules; • Support productions with hands-on projects including (but not limited to) special effects, video and projections, assisting with stage work, purchasing, sourcing and researching materials and techniques; • Strike and manage the return of all SMT-owned props, set pieces and equipment to their proper places within one week following the close of each show; • Ensure all costuming is appropriately returned within a week following the close of each show; • Ensure that all borrowed props and set pieces are returned to their rightful owners within one week following the close of each show; • Create production schedules; Qualifications 1. Competency and expertise in • Set construction, painting, graphic design; • theatrical lighting and sound systems; • sound engineering; • video projecting equipment; • various tech platforms like Google Drive, Microsoft Suites, Sharedrive, Dropbox, etc. • all performance and production elements related to musical theatre 2. At least three years’ technical experience in a musical theatre environment. Compensation – As an independent contractor, the PSCM receives a payment of $1,500 upon satisfactory completion of the above scope of work and is responsible for income tax reporting and payment.

Required Qualifications

experience as a master carpenter in a theatre environment.

Desired Qualifications

Experience supervising a crew of technicians and builders/painters.

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Pay Rate

contract position $500 - negotiable DOE (see job description)

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Submission instructions

submit resume via e-mail

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