Reckless Spirits

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Casting “Reckless Spirits,” a hyperreal buddy comedy featuring two BIPOC best friends of Asian and Latinx descent: Yvette, a neurotic therapist, and Syd, gender-fluid performance artist. Led by a series of meaningful coincidences into an uncanny new world of psychics, spells, and spirits, the charmingly flawed protagonists must rely on the strength of their shared bond to escape the wily charms of an up-and-coming cult leader.

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Virtual for first round

Audition requirements

Roles GUY (LEAD) a handsome, relaxed-looking LA-type in his early 40's, Guy is the charming cult leader and founder of NWAGOWADOL, whose dark intents are masked by his charisma. A man with immense magickal abilities, Guy is a "dreamwalker" and manipulative "spider," keen to use his psychic talents to prey upon an unsuspecting Yvette. Ethnicity: Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial, White / European Descent DREAM CULT MEMBER / LIGHTWORKER (EXTRA) member of the NWAGOWADOL dream cult, which is all about New Age love and light, though a sinister darkness lies beneath their surface. Obsessed with their handsome, charismatic cult leader and will do anything to see him succeed in converting minds. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities YVETTE (LEAD) An early 20's straight-laced Japanese-American therapist who is addicted to green juice, health food, and fancy manicures, Yvette seems to "have it all" in the traditional sense. Yet while talented and disciplined in many ways, Yvette's secret is that she is terrible at her job, yet won't leave her structured life... until a dream cult finally beckons. Ethnicity: Asian

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September 5

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Seattle WA

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Variable based on role Variable based on role

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Please contact me with headshot, resume, cover letter, and reel. I will send script sides.

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